Single Review: Muse – Undisclosed Desires

16 Nov

So we’ve got a song here with a very cryptic title and a bunch of lyrics I can’t make out, it must be the new Muse single!
Undisclosed Desires
Personally I’m a fan of Muse, not a huge fan seeing as their albums aren’t amazing (Absolution is pretty great though) but from what I’ve seen from their live performances they’re one of best bands going right now and they’re on my list of bands I must see live. So when The Resistance came out I was quite eager to hear it, however while good I found it sounded too much like…well Muse, it was Muse being Muse but that review’s for another day.

When listening to the album Undisclosed Desires stood out as being something different from the rest (that said you do get the feeling that they’ve done this song before, perhaps not on this album but it’s definitely reminiscent of another song), as in it featured a keytar! Which is pretty awesome in itself…or is it the opposite? Hard to tell. The problem with the track though is that it feels really held-back on record, maybe this is because the first time I heard it was while watching a television broadcast of a Muse concert, and as previously stated they are quite the live band but on record it sometimes just falls a little flat, seeing as lyrically and vocally Matt Bellamy just isn’t the best. Still despite all this holding it back, Undisclosed Desires is still a really good song and probably the strongest single left on the album so you can’t really fault Muse (or their label) for picking it, it’s catchy, fun (can a Muse track be fun?) and just different from the standard Muse sound that is all over The Resistance.

3.5 Stars

In the words of Ashley: With The Resistance, personally speaking, Muse is back, and better then ever. With a veritable symphony as it’s closer, it’s a wonder this album could do any wrong for me, and yet, somehow it managed to have a few painful clunkers. While not the biggest offender on the album, I couldn’t help but hum “Supermassive Black Hole” over the blatantly reminiscent “Undisclosed Desires” many times. Other than that, it’s an okay song, but there’s nothing great enough in it to overcome this huge black mark. Live, however, it was rather anthemic simply for the reaction the crowd had to a REAL LIVE KEYTAR.

In the words of Axver: The first two songs of The Resistance fool you into thinking Muse have returned to form after the miserable clunker that was Black Holes And Revelations. Then this track crops up. I find myself almost caught by its hooks, almost humming its melody, almost enjoying it – but in the end, it’s an unsatisfying song that pulls up short. It just lacks some sort of a spark, and stylistically this is Muse at their weakest and most derivative. It’ll get airplay and it will be the favourite song of people who would recoil from Plug-in Baby, Deadstar, and Showbiz. 1.75 stars out of 5 from me.

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