Welcome IV?!

16 Nov

Howdy Ho, Neighbor, Ashley/Bono212 here.  Is it becoming obvious that we all know each other because of U2?  Anyways, about me…well, I’m a Film/Television major at TCU in Fort Worth, TX, though I’m a native of Indiana.  My goal in life is…not actually thought out yet at all, we’ll see where life takes me.  For now, I want to work in Sports Broadcasting, I’m a bit of a sports nut, but not to the extent that I obsess about stats and players, I just love to watch (creep).

Music! How about we talk about music?  I love it, do you?  That’s good, I mean, I’m assuming your answer was yes, or what are you doing on a music blog?  I’m going to get the stereotypical “I like all music” out there right now, and then amend it, mmkay?  I could go on and on listing top artists, top songs, top albums (I like to make lists, perhaps I’ll share those another time), but your best bet on a glimpse into my musical likes/dislikes is probably going to be last.fm.  I scrobble obsessively, and now that my phone has scrobbling capabilities, I’ll be more powerful than you could possibly imagine! Oh, I probably should’ve warned you about that in advance, I uh, I quote things a lot.  All things, it matters not from whence it came.

Music is a passion of mine, but it is not my only passion.  As I mentioned, I’m going to film school, and yes, I really, really love movies.  Right now I’m busy going through the IMDb top 250 films.  Halfway there, perhaps, though not a film blog, I’ll occasionally update my progress in a sort of sidebar way.

Well, I can’t think of too much else to say right now, except that I hope there IS someone out there reading, and that you enjoy your stay.  TTFN

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