16 Nov

So this is our first entry of what we hope will be many, right now the blog is just being run by myself (John) and Axver but we’re hoping to get a few more people to help us out with it soon, whether they be permanent or just part-time contributors the more the better.

So you’re probably wondering why we set this all up, well it’s simply because we’re both massive music fans (not always of the same stuff so expect a lot of contrasting opinions in future) who naturally want to inform people of what we love (and hate).  If you want to know more about what type of music we’re into well here’s a couple of links for you

John: last.fm and rateyourmusic

Axver: last.fm and rateyourmusic

So I guess it’s now my turn to expand on myself a little; well I’m John at present I’m a third year college student at UCD in Ireland. I’m studying Commerce with emphasis on Accounting for my final year which is just plain boring but that’s life. I’ve been into music for years, it’s been one of my main obsessions in life for more than five years now and I have a CD collection that is just to big (especially in this day and age) and yet I keep buying them. I’m currently in a band but you probably don’t want to hear us we’re pretty out there, trying to make music as experimental as possible but in case you’re still interested Midnight Daydream. But don’t be frightened I’m not only into weird experimental music, for the most part I’m into Alternative (yay for vague genres) especially more ambient stuff, I have nothing against pop because well if it’s good it’s good no matter what it is. My favourite band of all time is probably U2, they get that title because they’re the band that got me into music even though I’ve moved on in some ways, my favourite album of all time is still The Unforgettable Fire.

So now that you have an idea of what we listen to and how we rate the music we hear, we hope you’ll stick around to see this all unfold.

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