Yet another welcome/hello

19 Nov

Hello there fearless reader, I guess I’m here to say a bit about myself and just why it is that I’m here, writing about music.

First things first, I’m Cassie/onebloodonelife. At the moment, I’m a junior at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, pursuing an individualized major in popular music studies (which just got officially approved last month, yay!). So, it’s pretty safe to say that music’s my life. In every sense of the word. If you were to spot me around campus, chances are that I’ve got my headphones on, blasting sweet melodies and rhythms through my eardrums. And, luckily for me (especially since I’m sadly musically inept), writing’s also a passion of mine, so I combined those loves, and here I am: constantly writing about music, whether academically or as a critic.

I might get all scholarly and such from time to time, but I promise I’ll try to keep that to a minimum, and if it happens, it’ll probably be me getting all nerded out about some musicologist’s work on popular music that I’ll just have to share. Bear with me, it just might be worth it. (At least I hope so!)

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