Exploring the top 100 One-Hit Wonders: Mack Daddy – Sir Mix-A-Lot

21 Nov

Hoo boy, not sure why I did this to myself on the SECOND album, but here we go.  Some background to explain, I really don’t like rap…at all. I try, but, I just can’t get into it. That being said, I, like any sane person, adore “Baby Got Back”, so I decided to do a thing, and hit Mack Daddy up. 

The Mack Daddy Mix-A-Lot. Hot stuff

Where to begin?  Well, how about we start with what I didn’t like, and that would be the majority of the album, and this isn’t an anti-rap bias, almost every song is either about how thug Mix is, or about all the chicks he gets.  This is what gives rap a bad name in the first place, for being about nothing but bitches and hoes.  Sure, “Baby Got Back” is a fun song, but when every song after it contains the same material, it gets old really fast.

Now that all of that’s out of the way, the good:  For some reason, Mix decided to leave all of the good tracks for the very end of the album.  The closing trio of “The Jack Back”, “I’m Your New God” and “No Holds Barred” tackle current issues, and quite successfully too.  In order, they deal with neo-nazis (I think, without looking it up, that the Rodney King beating, and films like American History X happened, if not at the time, then very soon after this album, and I’m going to assume, again without having looked anything up, that race relations were at a head at this point), rampant cocaine use, and gun-control.  The weakest of the three is “No Holds Barred”, regardless, had these songs been intermingled throughout the album, or perhaps if Mix had been able to keep himself to a shorter time limit, this would be a far more interesting, and altogether successful, album.

Rating: 2.5/5

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