Horrible Music Hour – Bowling For Soup: Sorry For Partyin’

24 Nov

The first Horrible Music Hour album for the blog and it is Bowling For Soup’s Sorry For Partyin’, their newest release. The reviewers for this album are myself John, Ax, Ashley and Travis

A Really Cool Dance Song
Travis: Holy fuck, the singer sounds emo, constipated, and mentally handicapped. No wonder he thought a dog was his penis. Wait this is supposed to be a dance song? It sounds like everything else they’ve ever done. Also, they blatantly stole the concept for this from one of my really old songs, where I write a skate punk song to become popular.
John: Well they’re trying to be cool and make fun of themselves at the same time, not really working but it’s kind of funny with alcohol I’m sure it’s pure win it’s pure win
Ax: It’s almost a funny satire. I have no desire to ever hear it again though. Totally disposable music
Ashley: I would actually like this song more if they hadn’t been SO blatant about it.

No Hablo Inglés
John: Wow this makes Vertigo by U2 look like a clever use of Spanish, terrible just terrible
Ax: This is terrible, I wish I could say “no hablo inglés” to this. Though I’d still be able to comprehend that the singing, especially on the verses, sounds awful.
Ashley: I don’t know if being in Texas had anything to do with it or not, but this song honest to God cracked my shit up.

My Wena
Ax: My Wena proves that double entendres aren’t always funny.
John: This song is making my IQ drop as we speak
Travis: You know, if they had focused their tireless efforts toward something other than being humorless frat boy scum, I’d find this somewhat listenable. My Wena is a saddening waste of a hook. I think BFS could find a joke about me being a male prostitute somewhere in that sentence.

Only Young
John: Hey it’s every power-pop-punk song ever written!
Ax: This is just becoming generic American frat boy party music with no merits beyond obvious choruses for drunk about-to-drop-outs to sing at the top of their lungs. What’s the point of commenting on every song?
Ashley: Ugh, I would find “Only Young” inoffensive and fun if it weren’t for the fact that these guys are all in their 30s. I love how they were dissing dance songs only three songs before, and then the keyboard suddenly reappeared.

I Don’t Wish You Were Dead Anymore
Travis: Hey, piano! That helped me craft a classic. It’s also making this song one of the more listenable. The little kid at the end is clearly their target demographic.
Ax: I Don’t Wish You Were Dead Any More is even more generic. How disappointing. The title held a faint modicum of promise, but as it happens, this song has been made a thousand times and has never been good.
John: Is this a song dedicated to their popularity? Guys writing songs like this is why you lost it

Ax: I’m just bored now. And all the jokes in BFFF are completely unoriginal and derivative. We’ve heard them before. Wake me up when something happens.
Travis: Holy shit, My Wena is the best song so far. I can’t believe this is happening. I might actually be more offended by Bfff than Freaxxx and I’ve heard the jokes in the former 80 trillion times. They’re just used that poorly.
John: Dear god, this is awful beyond words, it’s like some tribute to bro-mance, but it’s just a fail

Me With No You
Travis: Hahahahahaha this is Hoobastank with synths. EXACTLY what this album needed.
John: Oh dear god, this sounds like a ballad, what’s worse than shitty pop-punk? Shitty pop-punk bands doing ballads
Ax: Yeah, this is troubling me. Nothing since it has even had a half-decent hook (Regarded My Wena).
I hope HOORAY FOR BEER does not let us down.
Ashley: Oh hang on, we have to pause the partying for a moment while they do one of their serious songs.

Hooray for Beer

Travis: What the fuck, the first verse of Hooray For Beer has nothing to do with beer. This is wasting perfectly good partying time…*by the end of the song* OK, Hooray For Beer is the new champion. Kinda decent-ish (EG: not an insult to the Y chromosome) lyrics, solid hook, and great title. They had used so many double entendres by the time Hooray For Beer started that they seemed to have developed a language of their own, one I had long caught on to. Hooray For Beer actually changed things up.
Ax: What the hell, more double entendre failures? Hooray For Beer is a monumental letdown. No hooray for beer, I’m sorely disappointed. It’s the poor cousin of My Wena. I can’t believe I just said that.
John: Best chorus since “A Really Cool Dance Song”; HA! Like that’s saying anything but hey I second the sentiment at least, that’s worth something right? Screw it I’m gonna sing along, they know what they’re talking about!

America (Wake Up Amy)
Travis: Aaaand…back to the perfunctory punk-pop. No wonder the whole world hates us.
Ashley: We don’t give a WHOOT WHOOT but wait did Bowling For Soup attempt an analogy here?
John: Is this sarcasm? it’s music to sleep to
Ax: Was there meant to be some sort of social commentary in America or not? That’s the most bland mess I’ve heard so far!

If Only
Ax: If Only their attempts at being diverse and experimental weren’t shit.
John: What the hell is this shit?
Travis: If Only this had ended when the guy knew he had started rambling.

I Gotchoo
Ax: They’re namechecking themselves now? A new low.
John: Didn’t about a dozen bands do this song already?
Ashley: When I first saw the name of this song, I’d hoped SO badly that this was a cover of I Got You. Also, this is my favorite song on the album

Loves Goes Boom
Ax: LOVE GOES BOOM, people. Feel the lyrical depth and insightfulness.
Travis: They randomly turned to Bon Jovi at the end there. They have the BEST influences.

I Can’t Stand L.A.
John: Are they name checking every city in the US? Fail
Ashley: Haha, I forgot about this song. Love this one too.

Belgium Polka
John: I wish this stayed a hidden track, hidden far far away
Travis: POLKA??? God, I hate the human race. At least they referenced Denton. I suppose that bit in I Gotchoo was their bid to be the best death metal band out of there.

Closing Comments

Travis: Well, it’s better than Brokencyde. 1.5/5.
Ax: Inoffensive crap that defines the meaning of the word ‘generic’. 0.75/5
John:You’re  Sorry for Partyin’? I’m sorry for listening. 1/5
Ashley:The music is cheesy as anything I’ve ever heard, and some of the lyrics are atrocious, but I’m not going to lie, or protect my cred, what little of it I have, these guys always amuse me, and I will proudly go see them in concert in two weeks. 2.75/5

2 Responses to “Horrible Music Hour – Bowling For Soup: Sorry For Partyin’”

  1. Meggi 24/01/2010 at 15:58 #

    Hello. Very interesting Blog. Not really what i have searched over Google, but thanks for the information.

    • John 25/01/2010 at 09:20 #

      Glad you enjoyed reading and nice to see google is getting us misdirected hits lol

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