Single Review: Ash – Tracers

24 Nov

So in case you didn’t know Ash are releasing 26 singles over the next year because you know the album is dead and they were always a much better singles band than albums one. So they kicked it off with the free download “Return of the White Rabbit”, and followed it up with two disappointing singles in “True Love 1980” and “Joy Kicks The Darkness” although the latter has quite the intro. “Arcadia” the last single was where Ash went back to true form and released their best track in…a good while, so how do they follow it up then

So “Tracers” is apparently the fourth single from the A-Z Series and well it’s not bad…but it’s not memorable at all. It’s a pretty slow paced song and honestly after five listens I can’t remember anything about the song. Yes it’s pleasant enough when you’re listening to it and the lyrics are your typical Ash sentimental thing but none of it clicks, the song just floats there and ends and then you never pay attention to it ever again. 3/5 I can’t rate it any lower because there’s nothing wrong with it and its terribly pleasant to listen to but I can’t rate it any higher because I have no idea what the hell it sounds like any more.

From the brain of Ashley: I can only assume John is having me listen to this song for the blog, fair enough. It’s nothing all that special, but then again, I’m not exactly familiar with Ash’s work. This could be a grand departure from their usual sound for all I know, or it could be the same ole, same ole. What I do know is that it was pleasant, and I have no complaints 3/5

From Ax: Enjoyable enough song, but it doesn’t do a whole lot to distinguish itself. It feels like it keeps grasping for a powerful hook but never quite gets a hold on it. 3/5.

One Response to “Single Review: Ash – Tracers”

  1. bono212 24/11/2009 at 06:10 #

    Hahahah! I love that we all said the same thing about it XD

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