The Weekly Roundup

24 Nov

First full week of the blog existence and it was an exiting one, we quickly went from two members to a hell of a lot more than two, so to try and summarise it all for you here goes



Ashley’s Review of the Land Before Time Soundtrack

John’s Review of Undisclosed Desires by Muse

Ashley’s Review of The Age of Plastic by the Buggles

Ashley’s Review of The Mountain Goats Concert

Cassie’s Review of Tupac’s Me Against the World

Ashley’s Review of Sir Mix A Lot’s Mack Daddy

John’s Review of Manic Street Preachers’ Gold Against the Soul

John/Ashley/Travis/Axver’s Review of Bowling For Soup’s Sorry For Partyin’

Axver Gives You The Need to Know Guide to New Zealand Music

Ashley’s Top 15 Bands of All Time

John On Final Fantasy XIII’s Theme Song My Hands

Reggo Takes Indie Music Head On

John Gets Excited For Zeus’ Debut Album

Reggo Wants Your Music Dares, Do You Dare Test Her?

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