Have I Changed Or Is It The Music? (Part 1)

18 Dec

2004 was a big year for me, it was the year I officially got into music. But let’s not start there, because obviously I liked music before then I just wasn’t obsessed with it…well I kind of liked it. Let’s go back to when I was around 10 years old and I had my first concert. Now if I was some really cool person I would have seen some awesome band live but…my first band was…S Club 7.
Now I know I should be embarrassed by this but really I’m not, S Club 7 came from a time when pop music wasn’t that bad, I mean come on who can deny the awesomeness of Don’t Stop Moving?. Unsurprisingly I loved the concert, I mean I was a kid I listened to the radio I didn’t know any better. Still despite liking music I had yet to encounter an album that would change my life, you know the one you just can’t stop listening to no matter how many times you hear it?

When I was eleven, this was the album that did that for me. I didn’t even listen to any other music at the time, it was day in day out this one album. Now I don’t quite feel the same way, it’s not the best album ever made but it’s still quite great. I still love it but now that I’ve heard more music it’s just not the same as it used to be. While the melodies and lyrics (well some of them) still stand the test of time, it just doesn’t excite me like some more complex challenging music does now of days.

So you must be confused now; at the start of this I said I got into music when I was 14 but here I am telling you that I was obsessed with Oasis at 11 and loving music…well things changed. When I was 12, Heathen Chemistry by Oasis came out, at this stage I wasn’t as obsessed with the internet and knowing stuff about music as I am now, so I had no idea Oasis had fallen from glory after Morning Glory. So when I got Heathen Chemistry and listened to it words could not express my disappointment upon hearing it. It sucked…this was not the Oasis I remembered, this was some band desperately trying to relive past glories but never quite managing to succeed except on two tracks Little by Little and Stop Crying Your Heart Out. You can only imagined how this affected my love for music, I was 12 years old at the time I thought Oasis were the greatest band to ever grace the earth and now apparently they sucked; at this time I was also really disappointed with the radio too my tastes were drafting further and further apart from what the radio offered, but I didn’t know that music I would love existed, I thought music just wasn’t any good any more, I stopped listening I no longer cared.

I went close to two years without caring about music, sure I still listened to it sometimes but the majority of that was just Morning Glory and Queen’s Greatest Hits (thank you Wayne’s World). So there I was a fourteen year old with pretty much no interest in music but that all changed one day when I was bored. I had nothing better to do so I decided why not go into my parents’ room and look at my dad’s cd collection. So I did and picked out two albums, one was a U2 album called All That You Can’t Leave Behind the other was the best of Thin Lizzy. As cheesy as this may sound that was one of the moments that changed my life. Not since I first heard Oasis, had I heard music that connected with me so much, the first four songs on All That You Can’t Leave Behind (as well as the final one) sounded like some of the best music I’d ever heard in my life (I can’t believe I ever liked Elevation so much). I had a similar reaction with Thin Lizzy, I loved the dual guitar interplay, I loved the sound of the bass, the drums, Lynott’s vocals it all sounded so amazing; I just had to hear more by these two bands, I quickly started purchasing a lot of their discography and found in the case of U2 they’d not only changed their sound a lot in their career but it always sounded good no matter what they did. In Thin Lizzy’s case I found they weren’t nearly as consistent but still I never felt the sense of Oasis size disappointment that I had before.

This time however things were different than before, the music on the radio started to change “indie” was beginning to take over. Bands like Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park, The Killers, The Libertines, Green Day, Bloc Party, Stereophonics, Oasis started making decent music again, Morrissey was back in popularity. My interest in music was rekindled, I started listening to the radio a lot, buying cds a lot, craving a fix of new music, needing to hear as many new bands as possible. I began to have an active interest in not one or two but dozens of bands; I started going to concerts a lot. All these bands felt like they’d be the bands I would love forever, however five years on things have changed…

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