Best Albums of 2009: 70-61

20 Dec

Another day, another ten albums.  Today, however, is special, as it marks the point at which we begin to delve into albums that I truly enjoyed overall.  Not that there weren’t aspects of the previous 20 I didn’t enjoy, but, I think you get the picture.  And now I’m rambling, ONWARDS!

70. Our Lady Peace – Burn Burn

Ha, I love that the first album after I mention enjoyment is this.  Well, I know you’ve all been dying to know what the next album on the “Biggest Disappointments” list is, and the wait is…actually…still not over.  This is #3 on that list (I’ll eventually make that a numbered list at some point).  Our Lady Peace is possibly one of my ten favorite bands of all time.  Of all time.  They’ve been a little more sporadic about releasing material lately, which kind of sucked for me on a personal level since I only recently got into them and this was the first album they released in that time period.  And it’s…awful.  Well, not completely awful, or I wouldn’t have it ranked this “high”.  I can’t decide what kind of direction they’re trying to go in anymore, almost as much as I can’t tell if this was supposed to be a CCM release or not.  Oh well…

69. Bad Lieutenant – Never Cry Another Tear

The remainder of New Order, who is in turn the remainder of Joy Division, form a band.  They release an album.  They describe it as…”Guitary”.  The first few songs then proceed to be “Synthy”.  Ashley is confused.  But not too confused to see that it’s either time for these guys to give it up, or to stick with one sound or the other.  I’m glad I bought this album, it provided a good listen, plus, thanks to the super-awesome Amazon Music Store only cost me $2.99.  I’ve not been back to it since that first listen, but I full well plan to.  I bought it after all.  Plus, until the album DID get “Guitary” there was nothing at all wrong with it.

68. Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe

I love new wave as much as the next person…if the next person happens to be my friend Katie from the internet, but, I will never understand the hyper surrounding the 12th release from these giants of the genre.  The biggest hit, “Wrong” seems to just be a reworking of the far more popular “Personal Jesus”.  However, my biggest qualm about the album comes with the runtime: 60:51.  That’s just unnecessary, Depeche Mode.  If I hadn’t been so bored with the last few tracks of the album, I’d probably be riding high on the Sounds of the Universe bandwagon myself.

67.  Echo & The Bunnymen – The Fountain

I once described this album as “Echo & The Bunnymen becoming the poor man’s Coldplay…who are in turn the poor man’s U2…which makes Echo & The Bunnymen the poor, poor man’s U2…unless it’s a double negative, in which case Echo & The Bunnymen is the rich man’s U2?”  Whatever the actual answer to that question is is irrelevant, what is relevant is the fact that this is no Ocean Rain.  Not even close.  It’s pleasant, nothing to complain about, but it DOES sound like Echo & The Bunnymen replaced Ian McCulloch with Chris Martin and none of the good parts of Coldplay, and that’s just a damn shame.

66. Regina Spektor – Far

And finally, the album that comes second in disappointing me only to Rihanna.  I love Regina Spektor, and I expected so much from this album.  Probably too much.  From laughing like a dolphin to not bringing the same piece of beauty to the table I’ve come to expect from Spektor, a pleasant album becomes something much worse because of my prior history.  It’s unfortunate.

65. Mew – No More Stories…(Not even gonna look up the rest of the name of this album)

I wish I could remember what exactly my boyfriend texted me the day he first heard this album.  It was something pretty much akin to the fact that I thought this album was pretty much going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread and The Cure.  He was right, in a way, for thinking that.  It has everything I love in life, which is, synthesizers.  The problem is…it’s Mew!  Why is Mew releasing this album?  I’ve come to expect ambient beauty from these guys, not dancy synth-pop, even if it is far more experimental than fare I’m used to from the genre.  So, I come to the conclusion that I have no idea if I don’t like this album, or if I don’t like it because it’s Mew.

64. The Bravery – Stir the Blood

Hey, it’s those guys that aren’t The Killers.  And look! They’ve released another album.  What do you have to offer us this time, The Bravery?  Oh?  You’re trying to be a shoegaze band now?  If only it had worked.  If only, if only.  This is a shit review, but there wasn’t much to this album.  Moving on.

63 & 62. Philedalphia Grand Jury – Hope Is For Hopers; Bear In Heaven – Best Rest Fourth Mouth

I’m combining both of these reviews as they are the last two albums I didn’t care overly much about.  Philly Grand Jury had a couple of good tracks, but overall was lackluster, and I got nothing out of Bear In Heaven.  At this point, you may begin to notice that the placement of albums 90-62 has been pretty arbitrary, and you’d be right.  They all have highlights, except BrokeNCYDE, but nothing that will really stay with me all that long after I’m done with this list, save “I Gotta Feeling”.

61. AFI – Crash Love

And so it begins, not with a whisper, but an overly hard rock album.  This should be expected from AFI, but not like this.  I don’t even like AFI’s screaming vocals and I missed them on this album.  So here truly marks my “least favorite” album, but at this point, that ranking actually means something.  Joining the biggest disappointments list as well, I knew going into it that I was probably not going to get another Decemberunderground as Davey and Jade had likely gotten their synthtasticness out with their side project Blaqk Audio.  This turned out to be fact.  What I didn’t expect was that there would be nothing on this that reminded me of AFI at all.  They, at some point, morphed into a fairly accessible punk rock band.  I guess I’m happy for them, the critics seemed to love this album, and even I got into a few tracks towards the end, yet, I can’t help but have this feeling of despair whenever I think back to this album and compare it to those that came before it.

Sorry I got a little lazy with the reviews on this one, I kind of realized half-way through it that my rankings are all screwed up, and then I realized that I just didn’t CARE about the number ranking of the 30 albums preceding Crash Love.  From here on out, I promise this will be a far more worthwhile article.

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