Best Albums of 2009: 50-41

22 Dec

Still feeling a little sick, so these will still be a little short, sorry about that.  Each progressive issue of this, btw, is making me more excited, we’re really into albums I love now.  So…ONWARDS!

50. Bob Dylan – Christmas in the Heart

Didn’t necessarily want to add this to the list, but, there was ONE original song on there at least, and it was an epic album so why not.  This ranking is arbitrary, it was always going to be #50, as my original aim had been to listen to 100 albums.  Now then, since It’s Christmas, enjoy:

49. The Temper Trap – Conditions

Completely inoffensive album that starts strong and gets pretty middle of the road by the ending.  I’d still recommend it for a listen at least once, I at least had a good time with it.

48. Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

:sigh:, I really wanted to like this album, and I don’t mean to make it sound like I hate it, I very much don’t.  “Southern Point” and “Two Weeks” alone are worth the price of the album, and there are some other great things here, but it’s the inclusion of terribly plodding tracks like “Dory” that just completely weigh the album down for me, and as a result, ruin the album.

47. St. Vincent – Actor

I’ve only recently come around to Actor.  The first few listens the album always swept by me and I was never able to take anything away from it, but the last couple times, I actually sat down and gave it a strictly attentive listen, and am glad for it.  The second half, especially, is full of a wondrous collection of songs.

46. The Big Pink – A Brief History of Love

Not even sure where this band came from, but I’m excited for future releases from them, this album showed a great deal of potential, and while, at times, it seemed they were directly ripping off some of The Horrors’ Primary Colours, it’s still a lovely record.

45. Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms

Really, this, and the next three albums are all equal, I don’t know if that’s a cop-out, but there you go.  I don’t understand why this album is getting so hyped, but, there’s a reason I’m going to see Neon Indian on the 28th, and it’s not just because my boyfriend’s kind of forcing me >_>.  This is a great album of dance music.  It kind of sounds to me like it was recorded in a garage in about 30 minutes, but, nevertheless, respectable.

44. Thao With the Get Down Stay Down – Know Better Learn Faster

This album kind of reminds me of It’s Blitz in a way, but, maybe that’s just because it’s a female vocalist with some rather dancy music.  Either way, I love this album.  Not going to pretend like it’s going to be a forever album, but I get a great kick out of it.

43. Annie – Don’t Stop

This ranking is based on one listen, I haven’t had time for a second yet, but I’m quite sure it will become a favorite over time, I just feel a bit bogged down by this kind of synthpop right now.

42. Julian Casablancas – Phrazes For the Young

As a recent fan of The Strokes, I was quite “stoked” to hear about Casablancas’ solo album coming out.  Then didn’t end up listening to it for a couple months.  It was only because I read the review for it in Spin magazine and loved it to death, that I finally got around to the album.  I can’t say it’s the greatest album on earth, it seems to take on a lot of genres, and not exactly succeed with them, but it’s a collection of songs I enjoy a great bit.

41. The Flaming Lips – Embryonic

I had a lot I wanted to say about this last night, and now I’ve forgotten most of it.  In short, I can’t stand the first half of this, save for the opening duo of songs, which are just the greatest songs ever (hyperbole).  The second half, however, is masterful.  If it weren’t a double album, I’m sure this would be in my top 20, or at least 30.  But, honestly, in retrospect, I wish I hadn’t listened to this album.  The Flaming Lips are a band I wanted to work my way into from at least near the beginning until the present, and as of now, I’ve really only heard this and Clouds Taste Metallic.  As I’ve mentioned before, my boyfriend sometimes gets a little over-excited about albums, and I end up listening to them with him.  This was one of those times.  So, while I’m glad I heard Embryonic, I also regret it at the same time.

Sorry Axver.

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