Happy Christmas

25 Dec

Just like to wish you all a happy christmas from everyone here at An Ocean of Noise; hope you’re all spending the christmas with someone you love or at least can stand and hopefully the music good. Me? Well I’m at home right now listening to my sister blast her newest cd, Miley Cyrus, whatever the new one is called; anyway it features that awful song Party in the USA, I mean seriously I wish the Jay Z song was on. No music for me this year, unless you count Lego Rock Band, which I’m sure will be awesome I mean it’s Lego plus Rock Band what more could you ask for? Well if you’re me the answer is Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall being in the game, which it is so it’s all perfect. And seriously someone listen to Miley and play some Jay Z, he’s 100 times better than this crap. Oh well it’s Christmas so no ranting…well little ranting

Merry Christmas y’all

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