Ashley’s Top 5 of 2009!

30 Dec

Here we go people.  We have arrived.  It’s the *DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUH* top 5 of 2009 according to A$l3^, as I’ve changed my name to.  Continuing as I did yesterday, the embedded videos aren’t my favorite tracks from each album, but, they’re incredibly good in their own right. So, let’s get on with the show, I’ve padded this out long enough.  !SDRAWNO

5. fun. – Aim and Ignite

The odds of me not liking this album were slim to none.  The one band I love that possibly no one else has heard of but a handful of people, The Format, breaking up was a huge blow to me, so when I found out the voice behind the band had regrouped, I was ecstatic.  I was not let down.   This album is pretty much another Format album, which makes me wonder what the purpose of the other guy was in the first place :uhoh:.  Anyways, this is a, for lack of a better work, incredibly FUN album.  Loose and carefree, it explores a great deal of different sounds, styles, even the technical side of the songs are rather clever, not to mention the all-around fantastic lyrics.

4. The Horrors – Primary Colours

I feel silly for how proud I am of “discovering” this album.  It was a rather simple situation, I had grown tired of hearing all of this electro-pop referred to as “New Wave” and tried my ever-loving hardest to find an album released in this decade that actually sounded like 80s New Wave.  Five minutes later, Rate Your Music was assuring me that this was what I wanted.  Skeptical, incredibly skeptical, I found my way to Primary Colours.  I spent the rest of that day listening to it, and after about three listen, I owned it.  For my 22nd birthday, I saw them live, my friend pitched in to purchase the vinyl copy of the album for me, it is now signed and sitting in a sort of place of honor on my bookshelf, and my heart swells every time I see it.  How could an album that sounds like the Shoegaze-lovin’ child of The Cure and Joy Division not be amazing?  Like I said, I’ve never been prouder of such a great musical “find”.

3. Passion Pit – Manners

The longer the year goes on, the more I wonder if in the end, this wasn’t actually my favorite album.  In fact, I just got back from taking a break in writing this article to decide whether or not it wasn’t my favorite album.  After a great amount of reflection and mental frustration, I have moved it from #4 to #3.  It did a lot for me, in a very hard to explain way.  It made me understand a lot about myself and the kind of music I like.  If I were to go into all of that, I would end up writing a whole normal sized review, so I’m going to refrain, and maybe, a little ways down the road, I will properly do so.  Simply put, this album is one of the best synth based albums I have heard in a good long while, and it took me a while to realize that, because I do find the vocals incredibly off-putting on the first few listens.  But it’s not just musically strong, there’s something about the way the lyrics work with the music on this album that just absolutely push it over the edge, and again, I can’t quite put it all into words in the necessary succinct way an article of this type requires.  Simply put, if you have not heard this album, please do.  Please?

2. Metric – Fantasies

There is a lot going on in this album, I’ve realized *laugh*.  I mean, these are actually some kind of…risque? lyrics.  Mostly, I’m just thinking of the sexual undertones of “Satellite Mind” and “Gold Guns Girls”.  Then, to mix that with the far more romantic, or relationship minded tracks like “Gimme Sympathy” and “Collect Call”, it leads to some strange twisting emotional reactions.  I’ve only recently begun to really like new music (like, from this decade) with female vocals, I know that’s strange, but there it is.  It’s funny to realize that as much as I like this album, it still wasn’t the best of it’s “genre”.  *hint hint*?  Strange that I can’t think of much else to say.  In fact, on all of these reviews today, I can’t quite seem to find my groove.  I apologize, I guess I’m kind of folding under the pressure of finishing this by the new year.  It’s a damn shame that I’m not really making it clear how much I love the albums in this top five.  They’ve really shaped the year for me in ways that are obviously completely intangible.  This has been an incredibly special year in my life, and these five albums, well, especially these top four albums, have been there through it all, and a soundtrack to a life, that’s something I hold dear.  So, there you have it, Metric has been a big a part of that as the other three albums, I hope that can at least shed a little light.  God, I’m listening to “Blindness” right now, and almost choking up just thinking of all of the times this summer when I was stuck at home over break, no car, no way around town, my boyfriend on the other side of the country, and all I had to get me through was this, and it got me through.  It got me through.

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

For one second here while I was trying to finalize my top five, I almost moved this to my #2 album of the year.  I just couldn’t do it.  There was never a moment this year, never. a. moment. when this was not my favorite album.  It’s had a lot to fight through, too.  Something that sticks with you as long as this, in the midst of the other 89+ albums I heard, it speaks a lot.  No, I don’t love everything on this, maybe I should if it’s truly going to be a #1, but, nothing, nothing this year has spoken to my heart the way this does.  That sounds cheesy, I realize, but, like I mentioned in the Metric review, this pushed the envelope of my emotions, and nothing else I heard this year ever came close to doing it the way It’s Blitz did.  Not everything on here is super-cereal, and maybe that’s what’s so fun about it, the opening duo is down right flamboyant, sexy fun.  I could say more, but nothing I write seems to do what I want it to, I feel that way about a lot of what I’ve written today, this article is more apologetic than informative, my bad.

Well, there you have it.  God, that ended poorly, lol.

One Response to “Ashley’s Top 5 of 2009!”

  1. dothetrikey 09/01/2010 at 20:42 #

    Metric and Yeah Yeah Yeahs are phenomenal. Metric’s latest is absolutely perfect.

    Nice top 5. Glad I found your blog.

    Have you seen this, by the way?

    Trike… from Canada

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