The Top Ten Songs of 2009

7 Jan

So I still haven’t managed to get myself a final list of albums for the year but seeing as time is moving on I guess I better at least give you my songs of the year so here they are.

10. Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses
Let’s kick this list off with a band who really disappointed me this year and that band are Franz Ferdinand who took years to release an album that sounded like they came up with everything over the course of one weekend. While the majority of the album sees Franz sounding like watered down and boring versions of themselves, Ulysses sees them at their best. As a first single it’s perfect, it has a great hook and you know what it made me want to hear the album, curse you Ulysses

9. Bruce Springsteen – Outlaw Pete
Okay let’s not talk about Working On a Dream the album, which is a disaster let’s talk about the classic song that kicks it all off. Outlaw Pete is a song designed to be featured on future Springsteen best ofs, while it’s no Thunder Road or Jungleland, it has a good strong storytelling lyric, has some nice strings and you know what this is why people love Bruce, he could just rewrite this song on every album and no one would care because this is why he’s one of the best songwriters in music and of course the video is live, it’s Bruce what else could it possibly be?

8. Director – Can’t Go Home
You’ve probably never heard of Director, well let me fill you they’re an Irish band who several years ago hit it big here with their instant classic single Reconnect, however they never got the chance to make it big outside of Ireland due to their label dropping them. This year they resurfaced and released an album on their own label, expanding on their pop-rock sound. The album closes with an epic post-rock inspired track called Can’t Go Home, while near silent for the first half the song explodes and just…there’s only one word…epic. However that song is not on youtube (so download the album now), instead of give you the more poppy more catchy but nearly as good Sing It Without a Tune

7. The Flaming Lips – Watching the Planets
So the Flaming Lips have gone weird again and released an album full of what sounds like drug induced music; while I’m not blown away by the album as a whole, some of the songs are simply outstanding and Watching the Planets well you’ll just have to let the video speak for itself, amazing song

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero
On It’s Blitz, Yeah Yeah Yeahs seem obsessed with doing some sort of crazy dance rock style of music and well Zero is no exception; really Zero is just the perfect opener to what is a really good album. The song is catchy, fun, energetic and well everything you know and love about the Yeah yeah Yeahs, really any of the first three songs on this album could be in this place just listen to the album

5. Metric – Gimme Sympathy
We might as well continue the trend of poppy dancy music and why not for every Katy Perry, there’s actually someone making good music in the same vein. What Metric have done with not just Gimme Sympathy but with Fantasies in general is make what is simply put a great pop album, honestly even though it feels like an oxymoron, it’s true, a great pop album. From…actually everything in this song is awesome, the Beatles and Rolling Stones references, Emily Haine’s voice, the music…it’d be quicker for you to just listen to the song than me to even try to describe why it’s so good. Gun Gold Girls also should be on this list but I’m only doing one song per artist so what can you do

4. Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
Yadda yadda something about Grizzly Bear being overhyped as hell but well for some overhyped indie garbage they did manage to sneak some pretty incredible songs onto it, and Two Weeks is as most would tell you the record’s highlight or at least one of its highlights. Grizzly Bear may be overhyped but let’s give credit where credit is due this song…is amazing

3. U2 – Moment of Surrender
Yay U2 actually made the list and pretty high up too, and well they deserve it. Before the album’s release this song was touted as the new One, well…Moment of Surrender makes One sound bad really this is the best lyric Bono has written in 15 years, it’s a lyric I thought was beyond him, it’s a vocal performance I thought was beyond him, the song structure is something I thought was beyond U2. You know if you’re gonna make people wait five years for an album it certainly does help when you have something as good as this highlighting it, and the one-two punch of this and Unknown Caller, or maybe the One-two-three of Magnificent, this and Unknown Caller, hell even the first four songs on the album…U2 spent this decade trying to prove they’re the most popular band in the world, well this time thanks to Moment of Surrender they proved the still deserve to be mentioned with the best

2. Pure Reason Revolution – Deus Ex Machina
So not only did Pure Reason Revolution completely change their sound on their second album they also made what will go down on history as the greatest lost hit of 2009. Was this even a single I mean this song is electronic, catchy and just all around brilliant, trust me if Gaga’s name was on this it’d be huge. This song is everything electronic inspired music should be, it’s everything music with harmonies should be, this song should have been the biggest number 1 of the year everywhere, it’s a crime this didn’t happen a crime. The only thing wrong with the song, they can’t pronounce the title

1. Florence + The Machine – Drumming Song
So what could possibly top Deus Ex Machina it must be something epic right? Well yes it is, it’s the Drumming Song anyone who refuses to acknowledge how incredibly brilliant this song is can just go away now, this is one of the best songs of the decade. The word epic cannot be used enough when describing this song, it sums up everything that is awesome about Florence’s music in one song and you know what? It sums up everything awesome about music. It fills my head and then gets louder…hell yeah

Ignore the god damn wannabe Gaga video

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