Thoughts on the Grammys – Because doing this is a given.

1 Feb

Well, I had to work most of the night, so any updates  I was getting were from a one-sided mobile MSN conversation between my boyfriend and myself. Regardless, I do have a few thoughts I’ll give now in a bulleted list!

  • Poor Lady Gaga, all I kept hearing about was that she was going to sweep the Grammys, and I’m sure she heard those rumors herself, because the depressed look she had plastered on her face for the whole 30 minutes of the ceremony I saw made me kind of feel bad for her.  I wonder what this is going to do to the wall of awesomeness that’s surrounded her this past year.
  • I am glad that Beyonce cleaned up, it seemed like everyone briefly forgot about Sasha Fierce while they were swept up in Gaga hype, but that’s probably not entirely true.  But, while I’m happy for the awards Beyonce did win…
  • …I’m SO glad Taylor Swift won Album of the year.  This is a crazy huge step in music, if you ask me.  For another, that poor girl has lost to Beyonce all year, so it’s nice to see her win every so often (and be allowed to finish.)
  • The Dave Matthews Band performance owned my soul.  Glad I got home just in time to see that.  Also, found out that GrooGrux is pronounced GrooGroo.  Am embarrassed.  Dave seemed pleased that someone knew how to pronounce it, props to you John Legend/Santana (can’t remember who was reading off the nominees now).
  • Finally: What a WASTE the Lil Wayne/Eminem/Drake performance was.  If I had been there, I’d probably be whistling another tune, but they really expect that song to get anywhere with the censors?  Did we even get to hear half of it?
  • Oh wait, also, I am slightly bummed that U2 didn’t win anything, even if I do love “Use Somebody”, I’m shocked NLOTH lost to the likes of 21st Century :vomit:
  • Oh wait a second time.  Phoenix winning best “alternative” album is only a good thing.

Well, there you have it.  30 minutes of Grammys analysis.  Overall, this was pretty much one of the worst, as far as awards go, but some of the performances (at least the ones I saw) were amazing.  Can’t wait to see Lady Gaga and Taylor/Stevie on youtube!

10 Responses to “Thoughts on the Grammys – Because doing this is a given.”

  1. traviud 01/02/2010 at 05:14 #

    My thoughts on the Grammys would require far heavier censoring than that Lil Wayne performance.

    Hoping this listen to Fearless takes the edge off my misanthropy.

  2. bono212 01/02/2010 at 05:17 #

    To celebrate Taylor’s victory I’m listening to….Meat Loaf.

  3. Axver 01/02/2010 at 06:04 #

    It’s funny. I’d never even heard of that Dave Matthews album until I saw the nominees list. I still have not seen a single mention of it unrelated to the Grammys.

    Either I’m out of touch, it hasn’t made a dent down here, or both.

  4. bono212 01/02/2010 at 06:41 #

    It was one of my favorites of the year at any rate. It’s his best ALBUM. Maybe doesn’t have his best music, but as a whole, I’d take it over any of his other output.

  5. Axver 01/02/2010 at 06:44 #

    Honestly, I’ve paid almost no heed to his music at all. What little I’ve heard has been indescribably boring.

  6. bono212 01/02/2010 at 06:47 #

    ❤ DMB :p

  7. Axver 01/02/2010 at 08:01 #

    I’m also enjoying that one of the tags for this entry is “Lady Gag”.

  8. bono212 01/02/2010 at 08:02 #


    :doesn’t fix it:

  9. John 01/02/2010 at 12:33 #

    Lady Gag you said it Ashley!

    • SLCPunk 03/02/2010 at 03:24 #

      Lady Gag. Perfect. ❤

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