Review: Jason Derulo – S/T

5 Mar

Well, here we are again.  I’m back to listening to ridiculous R&B albums just for the hell of it with no intentions of actually liking a damn thing on them.  For those of you who read my favorite, big dumb pop songs post you’ll know I was quite a fan of lead single “Whatcha Say” and later got turned onto Imogen Heap as a result.  When “In My Head” hit the airwaves, I began to think, hey, maybe this will be a fairly decent album after all.  One look into Derulo’s history will tell you that the guy has done a lot of work to get where he is now:  The most accurate source of info on the web. What results, however, is a mess of an album that was, in spite of the great distance between lead single and release date, an obvious rush job and a collection of reused themes, lyrics, and far too bare-bones for its own good.


The biggest problem with the album is Derulo himself.  His voice, at least at the moment, isn’t really strong enough to carry these songs.  Maybe with some work he could improve, however.  I find that this is actually a fairly ok debut album, and I see the possibility for staying power if he can manage a few more hits with the remaining singles on this album (and I have no reason to doubt that at least single #3, “Ridin’ Solo” isn’t going to be a hit.)

Even the moments on this album that could’ve really been good (and here I’m thinking specifically of the acoustic version of “Whatcha Say”) are ruined by poor production.  The same exact intro from the studio version is used, sounds completely and utterly tacked on, and then there is actually some fairly good vocals from Derulo (for a change) but because of the sample being exactly the same, the vibe is completely off.  As Travis suggested to me, why on earth could he not get Imogen Heap to come in and record it with him?  There had to have been a way to make that happen.

Might I take a moment to make one other complaint, and I remember mentioning this to my sister years ago when Fergie’s solo album was out.  Why do these artists INSIST on telling us their name before every track?  What happens when someone actually listens to the tracks on an album?  I’ll tell you what happens, every 3 minutes you are reminded that you are listening to a Beluga Heights album produced by JR and sung by Jason Derulo.  Where is my shank? Someone must die.

One final critique, if he’s going to continue to make music of his own, he’s got to decide if he’s going to be sweet and sensitive or a player.  It’s awkward the way he combines songs about a serious relationship and several songs about one night stands.  Now, at least “In My Head” and “Encore” show the possibility of true romance in these one night stands, but, it doesn’t mix well with songs like “Whatcha Say” the subject of which is regret over cheating on his significant other.

In closing: The EP it really needs to start being utilized by pop artists.  This album could’ve been just fine if it weren’t for the filler tracks that completely lacked substance (which is a real shame since this album was already only 35 minutes long).  For all my complaining, I did enjoy the synth bits on this album, simple and over-used as they were.

Final Score: 5.4/10 > I just can’t give it a higher score than Animal that would be wrong.

2 Responses to “Review: Jason Derulo – S/T”

  1. E-Pizzle 05/03/2010 at 07:54 #

    I completely agree lol. And if a lackluster debut album isn’t bad enough, he’s not even that great of a live performer (he opened for the Lady Gaga concert). He barely sings live, and its obvious he’s trying to become the new Michael Jackson, which is a title faaaaar out of his reach.

  2. bono212 05/03/2010 at 08:08 #

    I did ask you in some other comments section how he was live. Damn, this is kind of all kinds of disappointing. I am SO angry to discover that I-Yaz is on Beluga Heights as well. I really am not looking forward to his album now.

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