Smile Smile Cover “Dammit” by Blink-182 and a super-short review of Truth on Tape

7 Oct

This is a good thing, I promise.  As you may recall earlier this year I pimped the hell out of a video I took of Smile Smile covering this song, and in “return” (ok, I’m sure they had no idea this blog even existed), Smile Smile pimped the video themselves on their website, so I had my two seconds of fame.   Now they’ve officially released the Jaret Reddick (This is just punk heaven, eh?) produced studio version of the song and I am mucho pleased because it is synth-heavy as whoa.  Anyways, this mega-awesome cover of what was already my favorite (on a very short list of) Blink song has made me decide that three hours of sleep is enough and perhaps today is the day I get back to listening to some music.

Oh, here you go, enjoy:

Also, if you listened to that, you should probably follow these guys on twitter for reasons that are twofold: 1) Their tweets are pretty funny and 2) They weren’t going to give the song out until they had 900 followers on Twitter, so maybe we can retroactively make this happen?


Doing this has just reminded me that I never got around to reviewing their sophomore album Truth on Tape.  Unfortunately it came out during that blog dead time, but I’d had a review all written out somewhere.  It is quite good, has a few incredibly stellar tunes, and still (in spire of the 70+ other new albums I’ve heard so far this year) gets spins on my MP3 player every now and again.  Now that’s staying power.  You’re not going to find a better album about a break-up which features the two parties in said break-up as the sole members of the band (though I believe they’ve recently added a drummer to their merry band).  Key songs: “Cancer” and “Beg You to Stay”

Final Verdict: 6.5/10


Eek, I need to be careful with the super-long titles on this new layout.

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