5 Best Album Covers of 2010

13 Dec

This is a list just for fun, I don’t mind if you disagree, but I enjoyed some of these album covers this year so much, I truly felt compelled to share my favorites with you all

5.) Deftones – Diamond Eyes

Never before have I been so tempted to listen to an album based on the cover alone, but I just love this picture so much.  If I didn’t know my own tastes better, I’d’ve heard the album by now just because I can’t stay away from that cover.

Though I believe that the album's suggestion about that bird's eyes is a bit misleading.

4.) Motion City Soundtrack – My Dinosaur Life

Did I just pick an album cover based on adorable factors alone?  Yes.  I did, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


3.) Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid

If there’s one thing (other than adorable) that I’m a sucker for, it’s calling back to classic films of the silent era (see: “Tonight Tonight” and “Otherside”‘s music videos being two of my favorites).  Janelle Monae’s call-back to Metropolis possibly surpasses Queen’s attempts in “Radio Ga Ga”.

She's got the city on her head and she's the little robot girl and omg it's so great!!!

2.) The Black Eyes Peas – The Beginning

Those of you who read my review of the album may have seen this one coming.   All I want out of life right now is a giant poster of this album cover in a gilded frame that I can hang above my mantle piece for all the rest of time.

Remember what I said about that adorable factor?

1.) MGMT – Congratulations

Say what you will about the band.  Say what you will about the album.  But, to have seen this album cover on several worst album cover lists already this year, is, I believe, an affront to all that is good and right in the world.  Search your hearts and tell me, have you ever seen an album cover that more aptly fit with the sound/theme/mentality of the album?  When you listen to Congratulations, I want you to look me in the eye and with a straight face tell me that you don’t picture a fox frantically trying to surf away from a fox-wave of ultimate destruction and doom.  Isn’t that the whole point of the album cover? To be the face and image of the album itself?  Or is it to be a gimmick like Weezer seems to want to use it for and just stick some stupid picture on there to sell copies?  The point is, MGMT actually gave us an album cover that told you, without any words, what their album was going to sound like, and for that, I salute them.  And I salute the greatest album cover of 2010:

Run, Fox-Boy. Run.

Coming up next: Top songs of 2010, if Pitchfork’s doing it, then everyone should.

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