Record Store Day 2013 and the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival

21 Apr

I have quite a few posts I hope to make throughout the course of this coming week. Three dealing with the CIMM Festival and one nice little write-up about my Record Store Day 2013 purchases.

It’s been quite a weekend of fun in Chicago, and I can’t wait to share those experiences with you all.

CIMM Fest was a gamble that paid off. I had never heard of it before, but it was a rewarding experience, from Documentaries chronicling the History of Big Star, to fiction about the world’s most devoted Elvis impersonator. I had never attended a film festival before, but what an amazing start to what I hope is a long life of these experiences.

As for Record Store Day, unfortunately, I scheduled an event at work for the same time that the sales were to begin, but I thought it would work itself out, with midnight sales. That was when I discovered the Record Store Day pledge and the end to midnight releases. I can’t say I was angry about it, I’m so glad they’re trying to get rid of the inherent commercialism of what is meant to be rejuvenating day.  So, in the end, I attended when I was able, which was not until 12:00 PM.  Still, thanks to friends on the Internet and a little luck, we scored 3 RSD releases, and picked up two worthwhile additions to the collection as well.

So that this post isn’t a complete tease and nothing more, a run-down of everything that happened this past week:

Basically what happened was this:  On Friday night, April 12th, it finally occurred to me that the beach clean-up I had organized was scheduled for the same day as Record Store Day.  I was horrified.  What could I do?  Well, the obvious, we’d just have to attend the midnight releases, much as I despised them.

At that point, I thought everything was ready to go, but boy was I wrong.  The next day, I decided to re-organize the layout of my phone.  In doing so, I also added the Bands in Town widget to my home screen.  What ended up happening, is the Bands in Town widget was constantly telling me Big Star was going to be in Chicago April 19th.  How was that possible?  There’s only one living member of Big Star remaining.  Intrigued though I was, I didn’t follow up on this strange proclamation, I just assumed it was a glitch in the app.

Monday, April 15th (or more like Tuesday, since it was 2 in the morning), I was struggling with one of my usual bouts of insomnia, and as a result, was scrolling through my various widgets and apps on the phone.  That was when I saw Big Star again.  I weighed the options of going to bed when I needed to be up in 5 hours, or exploring more, and went with the latter.  What I discovered was what I expected: Big Star was not coming to Chicago.  What was, however, was a documentary about their lives and careers.  While not a huge Big Star fan, myself, my husband is an obsessive.  I told him about the premiere and we both realized it would be a great excuse to go to Chicago for the midnight Record Store Day releases.

More digging revealed that this Big Star movie was part of a larger film festival that takes place in Chicago, celebrating the relationship between Music and Movies.  It was only $25 to attend on all of Saturday as well, and we had planned on coming back to Chicago after my beach clean-up was over for the various pop-up stores that proliferate Wicker Park on RSD, so we decided this would be a fantastic addition to our itinerary as well.

So, we had a plan: Big Star premiere at 10 on Friday, midnight RSD releases, home for some sleep, beach clean-up, back to Chicago for movies and music.

There was just a slight hiccup: The Big Star premiere was sold out.  My husband was devastated and I felt like crap for ruining the weekend a second time.  Ahh, but never fear! Deus Ex Machina is here!  If we bought passes for the whole weekend, we could still get in to the Big Star film.

It was settled: We’d roll up in Chicago around 6:00 on Friday, attend a few CIMM Fest movies and then go to the Record Store Day launch.  I purchased the tickets.

Then….it happened.  I decided to make sure. Our usual haunt (Wicker Park’s Reckless) was going to be opening at midnight.  They were not.   No record store that signed the pledge was.  My heart sang for a moment as I realized the midnight sales had been done away with.  Then I also realized that all hope was truly lost.  I would not be able to truly attend Record Store Day 2013.

But it was OK.  I had a weekend of great music-related history ahead of me, and I knew that there would be something left over by the time I got to Chicago.

So, albeit a little saddened, we were prepared for what was to come!

Films Seen:


Il Ultimo Elvis

Nothing Can Hurt Me


In Search of Blind Joe Death: The Saga of John Fahey

Last Shop Standing (Which was a nice tie-in, since this was a Record Store Day sponsored film)

Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song (It’s better not to ask)

The Rolling Stone’s Rock & Roll Circus

My Father and the Man In Black

Record Acquired:

RSD Exclusives:

The Glove – Blue Sunshine (There’s a fun story with this one)

Tame Impala EP

Foals – Holy Fire

Other Pick-ups:

The Flaming Lips – The Terror

The Rolling Stones – Some Girls Live in Texas ’78

I plan on posting in detail about Nothing Can Hurt Me, The Rolling Stone’s Rock & Roll Circus and My Father and the Man in Black, so keep your eyes here for more! My post on Record Store Day will also cover Last Shop Standing as well as possibly finally getting me to review Foals’ Holy Fire, my favorite album of the year so far (not sure why I haven’t reviewed it yet)

(For more on all of the things that went wrong with the plans for this weekend, I could tell you all about how we decided to see the CIMM Fest opening festivities on Thursday the 18th, and how the the great flood of Chicago prevented us from doing so, resulting in the missed opportunity of a small Q&A/Performance session with Van Dyke Parks, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear that story).

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