2013 – The Year in Lists – 5 Worst Album Covers

17 Dec

Hey, not bad, I only left the blog to shrivel up and die for four months this time!  I’m proud.

Well, of course, it’s that time of year again.  Time for me to share my thoughts to the world on what music was like this year.

I had thought that this was going to be another slack-off year for me, as far as number of albums I heard was concerned, but when I look back, it was actually a great year.  I fell in love with a new kind of music, my friends and I have so-dubbed it “TumblrCore” after some horrible reviews written by Pitchfork, saw more concerts than I ever have in a single year before and, most importantly, was reunited with some of our favorite acts who decided that 2013 was just too good a year not to come out of the woodwork’s once more.

To start off a year of positives, then, of course, means that the first list I’ll be sharing with you is:  The 5 Worst Album Covers of 2013!!!

This list is in no particular order as, honestly, I think they’re all basically bad enough to share honors.  From the pretentious to the pathetic, here are the 5 worst album covers of 2013:

5) Kanye West – Yeezus

yeezus-new-cover-500x438I don’t care what story Kanye may want to come up with for why this album cover is the way it is, I’m not going to believe him.  There’s no excuse for this and the stories I’ve heard have done nothing to make it less ridiculous.  Most recently I heard that Kanye was suggesting it was a casket for the CD in ode to the death of the medium …ooookkkk

4) Tyler the Creator – Wolf

 021544fbBesides the fact that this album cover is just patently ridiculous, a reject from the Awkward Family Photos database, it completely comes off as a try-hard attempt to capitalize a bit from album covers similar to that of  Nas and Lil Wayne’s.  A more successful version would be something akin to Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid M.A.A.D. City.



3) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito

yeahyeahyeahs-12.6.2013 I owe a lot to It’s Blitz.  It was really the album that got me interested in listening to new albums more frequently back in 2009.  Having a new release from them was fantastic news.

Until the album cover was released, that is…

…at that point, I think we all knew what we were in for.

Plus, ew, Garbage Pail Kids.

2) Samiyam – Wish You Were Here

samiyam-12.6.2013I have no idea who this guy is or what the heck he was trying to do.  I just saw this album cover today when I was looking for a few more ideas for worst album cover.  I almost skimmed by it but then I really took in all of the beauty on display here and it struck me just how perfect it truly was.

Plus, the Parental Advisory sticker in the corner kills me for some reason.

EDIT: Oh my God, I just realized what his name is.  I had to say it out loud for it to make sense.  I might have to hear this album now, just for all of the terrible surrounding it.

1) David Bowie – The Next Day

David Bowie's The Next DayNothing pleased me more this year, besides finally seeing The Cure, than David Bowie releasing a new album.

That being said, no good dead goes unpunished.  I’ve seen this album cover on Best of Lists this year *cough*Pitchfork*cough* and I just don’t get why anyone’s buying into the concept.

I get what he was trying to do, I mean, the whole album is incredibly introspective and I support that fully.  He’s older, he stopped doing a lot of things for health reasons.  Let’s look back on his career, fine.  But this is just something someone slapped together in Paint in five seconds and that’s just sad.  There were so many other things he could have done to get the idea across better.  Hell, if he’d used the album cover to Space Oddity, even, I may not have had such a big problem with this album cover.

But he didn’t, so I do.

Well, there you have it.  A quick list to get things started.  I’ll be back in a day or two with Favorite Album Covers.

Also coming up: Best Music Videos, Best Concerts (all in Chicago, of course), Worst Albums, Best Albums and, of course, Ashley’s Favorite Big, Dumb Pop Songs.

Stay Tuned!

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