Lovestarrs – Supernova

16 Sep


For a band that are just officially releasing their debut EP Lovestarrs already have quite the history behind them. Originally known as The Good Natured they gathered a lot of positive buzz with the fantastic “Your Body is a Machine” in 2009, the equally great Skeleton EP (Which I own on vinyl!) followed in 2011 and another solid single “5-HT” last year seemed to pave the way for what looked to be a very promising debut album. Unfortunately after being dropped by their label and failing to secure the rights to their masters it seemed like the end of the road.

Thankfully earlier this year the band rose from the ashes as the newly christened Lovestarrs with the release of “Get Your Sexy On“. Over the last few months as they slowly released songs on their Soundcloud it became clear that we were in for potentially something special.

Definite contender for cover-art of the year

Definite contender for cover-art of the year

Launching this week Supernova stands as a strong 4 song statement of what the band has to offer and also might just have one of the best cover-arts I’ve seen in quite a while. Opener “Life is a Bitch” proves to be the clear highlight, with a strong set of lyrics and a fantastic chorus, it’s a song I’ve had on repeat for the last few weeks and it never fails to bring a smile to my face and instantly cheer me up. I’d honestly be hard pressed to think of a better pop song released this year. For everything the band’s been through over the last year the lyrics easily set it up to be their anthem

“Knock me out I’m down on the floor
Count me in I’m up for some more
Life is a bitch, life is a bitch, life
Life is a bitch, it’s a bitch (life)”

Unfortunately “Dukes Up” struggles to compare to the opener, delivering a fairly solid but standard electropop song with a strong chorus it’s pleasant and catchy but feels like the weakest song on here. “Bullet” sounds like a song begging to be played live, full of energy and stupidly catchy, the song definitely has tonnes of potential to do well as a single and if any song gets radio play I’d imagine this would be the front-runner. The closer “80’s Love Song” delivers a refreshing departure from the previous three songs, while the song definitely does invoke the sound of the 80’s there also seems to be a strong disco influence which sounds great.

Overall it’s hard not to recommend an EP which has two tracks as strong as “Life is a Bitch” and “Bullet” and honestly when all of the songs are also available for free on the band’s Soundcloud there’s no excuse not to give it a listen if you’re looking for some fun pop music. In closing I’m hyped for Lovestarrs and just hope this time we actually do get an album out of all this!


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