First Aid Kit (Olympia Theatre 18/09/2014)

19 Sep

It’s crazy to think how far First Aid Kit have come over the last few years, from the teenagers we all originally saw in their cover of “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” to one of the most confident and successful folk duos in modern music. In many ways the Olympia Theatre feels like the perfect place for the band to play, big enough to accommodate their massive popularity but small enough to allow them to have some intimate moments with the audience.

20140918_200813-1Opening up for them was Jo Rose, honestly can’t say I’ve ever heard of him before tonight but his performance was pleasant enough (when it could be heard over the people talking in the crowd). Starting the gig off with a slightly awkward shout-out to Belfast he quickly recovered and got into the swing of things. His style made it a bit hard to judge how great the actual songs were but his love for playing certainly showed; definitely plan to listen to his album at some point to get a better feel for his music.

20140918_211615Coming on promptly at 9pm (feel like they deserve bonus points for this) the band dressed in suitably gold and shining outfits hit the ground running with the fantastic “Stay Gold” from their latest album. An early highlight for the crowd came in “King of the World” obviously lacking Conor Oberst vocals the song still sound great carried by Johanna and Kiara’s fantastic vocals. Honestly the whole concert could be summed up by that, what makes First Aid Kit such a great band are their vocals and harmonies and both sisters were in fine form last night. Their harmonies were beautiful, haunting and hypnotic depending on what the song required, at times it can be easy to get so caught up in the vocals that you fail to notice just how great the songs themselves actually are.

20140918_213332The mid section of the concert proved to be the highlight, starting off with a breath-taking acoustic version of “Ghost Town”the band put away the mics and sang directly to the crowd as the crowd quietly sang along too afraid to raise their voices for fear of drowning out the band, this performance really sums up why part of me hopes they never get to bigger venues as we’d risk losing moments like these. “My Silver Lining” received a fantastic response and was followed by a cover of Jack White’s “Love Interruption” I was so glad I didn’t look at their recent setlists beforehand because it was such a great surprise to hear it and it sounded amazing..

If there was one low-point of the concert it was how short it felt, playing for just 80 minutes some of their older songs felt noticeably missing but it’d be hard to come up with a better closer than “Emmylou“, which was clearly the favourite song among a lot of the crowd and let the concert end on fantastic sing-along.

Overall it’s hard to find any real flaws with their performance, both of the sisters sounded great, the backing band were more than solid (props to the drummer for doing the entire set in a full suit) and the songs as always sounded amazing. For anyone who likes First Aid Kit it’s impossible not to recommend going to see them live.

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