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An Ocean of Noise 2.0

16 Sep

When this blog was originally started all those years ago I had such big plans for it, I loved writing about music and wanted to be able to project my highly questionable opinions onto the rest of the world. Unfortunately real life got in the way, with a super stressful Masters and a year of being completely lost in life I kind of lost my enthusiasm for a lot of things, being broke certainly didn’t help either. However after a couple of years of working and having money to actually buy music (vinyl is my new addition) and go to concerts, I feel like I’m ready to again start making sense of the noise that is music.

Oh and Ashley is going to be posting too and we’re going to try our best to deliver regular quality content, so please join us on our journey and enjoy the relaunch of An Ocean of Noise, almost like a phoenix rising from the ashes you could say…that gives me an idea for our first new review!

And because I probably should relate this post to music in some way here’s the current playlist I’m listening to, not hard to guess what I’m currently in the mood for

Lovestarrs – Life is a Bitch
Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha)
IamamIwhoamI – Fountain
Phantogram – Black Out Days
FKA Twigs – Two Weeks
MØ – Pilgrim
Banks – This is What it Feels Like
Purity Ring – Amenamy
Grimes – Genesis
Chvrches – Gun

Record Store Day 2013 and the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival

21 Apr

I have quite a few posts I hope to make throughout the course of this coming week. Three dealing with the CIMM Festival and one nice little write-up about my Record Store Day 2013 purchases.

It’s been quite a weekend of fun in Chicago, and I can’t wait to share those experiences with you all.

CIMM Fest was a gamble that paid off. I had never heard of it before, but it was a rewarding experience, from Documentaries chronicling the History of Big Star, to fiction about the world’s most devoted Elvis impersonator. I had never attended a film festival before, but what an amazing start to what I hope is a long life of these experiences.

As for Record Store Day, unfortunately, I scheduled an event at work for the same time that the sales were to begin, but I thought it would work itself out, with midnight sales. That was when I discovered the Record Store Day pledge and the end to midnight releases. I can’t say I was angry about it, I’m so glad they’re trying to get rid of the inherent commercialism of what is meant to be rejuvenating day.  So, in the end, I attended when I was able, which was not until 12:00 PM.  Still, thanks to friends on the Internet and a little luck, we scored 3 RSD releases, and picked up two worthwhile additions to the collection as well.

So that this post isn’t a complete tease and nothing more, a run-down of everything that happened this past week:

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A (Hopefully) Comprehensive List of My Favorite Songs of 2012

25 Dec

What with Christmas and all, I likely won’t be updating for a few days, so I thought I’d leave you all with a playlist of all of my favorite songs.

They’re not in any particular order, I wish I could have at least shuffled them, but I hope it is of some use to you.

Merry Christmas, I’ll see you soon!

5 Best Album Covers of 2012

10 Dec

Well, it’s that time of year.  The time where I throw a few arbitrary lists out there, taunting you as I hold back on the big boy: Best Albums of the Year.  Of course, I could just do what I did to you two years ago and never actually post that list…MWAHAHAH.

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Another new post? ZOMG!

28 Nov

Yeah, what the hell. Why not?

In the interest of list-making and redeeming myself after the utter failure of barely listening to any new music in 2010 (especially not at all getting through the ambitious list I posted for myself of stuff I was going to listen to), here are the albums I’ve done in the past 3 months of 2011, in no particular order

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A new post? WTF?

28 Nov

This blog hasn’t been updated in a dog’s age (okay, it hasn’t been that long, but I like the phrase), but as it’s still randomly attracting readers based upon a review I did of a Sonic Youth album (which I re-listened to and still hate, tyvm), I’d like to present you random 3 or so people who happen by every so often with a band you should be listening to. Continue reading

5 Best Album Covers of 2010

13 Dec

This is a list just for fun, I don’t mind if you disagree, but I enjoyed some of these album covers this year so much, I truly felt compelled to share my favorites with you all Continue reading

The Ten Worst Albums of 2010

10 Dec

The first year of a new decade.  As we begin to wrap up 2010, you’ve got to wonder what the future holds for music.  Are we just rehashing the same old scene again and again, or is there something truly new and original happening around us?  As always, I like to believe it’s a little of both.  Once again I listened to far too many albums than what is good for my social life, and once again I am unhappy with the order I have them ranked in.  So instead of airing my self-hatred out on the blog, we’re going to do something a little different this year.  As the month of December progresses, I’m going to be updating the blog frequently with lists here and there.  All of it eventually culminating in my top 70 of the year.  Continue reading

Smile Smile Cover “Dammit” by Blink-182 and a super-short review of Truth on Tape

7 Oct

This is a good thing, I promise.  As you may recall earlier this year I pimped the hell out of a video I took of Smile Smile covering this song, and in “return” (ok, I’m sure they had no idea this blog even existed), Smile Smile pimped the video themselves on their website, so I had my two seconds of fame.   Now they’ve officially released the Jaret Reddick (This is just punk heaven, eh?) produced studio version of the song and I am mucho pleased because it is synth-heavy as whoa.  Anyways, this mega-awesome cover of what was already my favorite (on a very short list of) Blink song has made me decide that three hours of sleep is enough and perhaps today is the day I get back to listening to some music. Continue reading

New Format/New Segment: Super Short Reviews! Chromeo – Business Casual

16 Sep

Super long blog title.

Anyways, as you may have noticed, the blog has had a bit of a face-lift. If you like it, let us know. If you don’t, let us know. We love comments.
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Now then, as part of the new blog, and to make sure that I, at least, am putting forth more content than before, I’m going to start writing more brief reviews. Reviews to the extent of… Continue reading