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Lovestarrs – Supernova

16 Sep


For a band that are just officially releasing their debut EP Lovestarrs already have quite the history behind them. Originally known as The Good Natured they gathered a lot of positive buzz with the fantastic “Your Body is a Machine” in 2009, the equally great Skeleton EP (Which I own on vinyl!) followed in 2011 and another solid single “5-HT” last year seemed to pave the way for what looked to be a very promising debut album. Unfortunately after being dropped by their label and failing to secure the rights to their masters it seemed like the end of the road.

Thankfully earlier this year the band rose from the ashes as the newly christened Lovestarrs with the release of “Get Your Sexy On“. Over the last few months as they slowly released songs on their Soundcloud it became clear that we were in for potentially something special.

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Wild Nothing – New Single and EP – Empty Estate!

23 Apr

My favorite band of the 2010’s is back! And with another EP to boot.  This is fantastic news, because Golden Haze was a pretty amazing little release.

The EP will be called Empty Estate and the tracklisting is as follows:

  1.  The Body in Rainfall
  2. Ocean Repeating (Big-eyed Girl)
  3. On Guyot
  4. Ride
  5. Data World
  6. A Dancing Shell
  7. Hachiko

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Review – Charli XCX – True Romance

12 Apr

I can’t believe I’m finally writing this review.

Let me back up.  Maybe I haven’t shared with you all my intense love for Charli XCX.  Maybe I’ve been too busy trying to spread the gospel of David Bowie, My Bloody Valentine and Wampire.

If that’s the case, I apologize, because it means that I spent less time sharing with the world the magic that is Charli XCX.

I suppose the reason that I have sort of hung back in making much mention of Charli XCX is that it’s just taken so long for her debut album to come out.  I’ve literally been waiting well over a year for this bad boy, after running into her music early into 2012 (may have even been late 2011).  I ran across “Nuclear Seasons” on, what I believe was, an NME list of bands to watch in 2012.  And watch I did.  I jumped on every single, followed on Twitter/Facebook/etc.  I had never gone this hard for an artist I’d only heard one song of in all my life. Continue reading


26 Feb

I am going to be posting a lot about Wampire this year, guys.

Meanwhile, my 7″ single of The Hearse arrived today.  It’s gorgeous.

And here it is taking a spin:

Oh and of course, super “sexy” album art:


Who’s Wampire, you ask?  Why only the “worst band in Portland”.  You should listen:


Look at those guys!  100% winners.


I’m seeing Wampire, Foxygen and Unknown Mortal Orchestra next week.   I can’t believe I’m driving 2 hours to a show where I don’t even like the headliner, but that’s life.  Wampire and Foxygen are more than worth it.


I’ll be back with more WAMPIRE! in the comping months.  Trust me.

Sort of a False Alarm – The New MBV album is out, but it’s name is “error”

3 Feb

Well, I’ve managed to get to he point of signing up to before it crashed on me again.  Others haven’t even seen the website.


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My Blood Valentine – New Album – TONIGHT

2 Feb

Right now is down, but fear not, if the promises are true, it will be back up tonight and with it, the LONG-awaited follow-up to 1991’s Loveless.

Click for the Facebook page.

Click for the Facebook page.

David Bowie’s new album may have been unbelievable, but this is unreal.

I’ll update as soon as I hear more!

Album cover:

MBV Album Cover

NEWS: David Bowie new album – The Next Day (March 12, 2013)

8 Jan

This is something I…neverever thought I would be writing.

In the early morning hours of January 8th, 2013, on David Bowie’s 66th birthday, it was announced via and the official David Bowie Facebook page that the crazy alien known to us sometimes as Ziggy Stardust, sometimes as Aladdin Sane, and most importantly as Jareth the Goblin King is releasing his Twenty-fifth album in just two short months. Continue reading

Album review: Écailles de Lune by Alcest

8 Mar

In 2007, I was completely broadsided by Alcest, essentially the solo project of French musician Neige. Fear Of A Blank Planet by Porcupine Tree had settled in quite comfortably as my obvious candidate for Album of 2007 in April. In late June, just before I was to depart for a week in New Zealand, Souvenirs D’un Autre Monde leaked onto the Intarwebz and all I could do was investigate it after reading it described as “shoegaze black metal”. The album blew me away. I rank it in my ten favourite albums ever, and it is inextricably tied up with memories of the Tasman Bay region, where I spent rainsoaked July nights listening to it. Very swiftly, Fear Of A Blank Planet was dethroned, and nothing has subsequently challenged Souvenirs for the title of Album of 2007. Indeed, it has only two or three challengers for the distinction of my Album of the 2000s.

Where next for Neige? I could barely contain my excitement when I learnt Écailles de Lune, Alcest’s second album, would be released on the 29th of March. I was especially keen in light of Percées de Lumière, an extraordinary song on last year’s split with Les Discrets that has now been included in Écailles de Lune’s tracklist. But could Neige possibly replicate the revelatory, beautiful grandeur of Souvenirs?

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Zeus Debut Album Coming in February

18 Nov

So Arts & Crafts, the best label in all of Canada announced a couple of days ago that Zeus will be releasing their debut album in February 2010. You’ve probably never heard of Zeus, but trust me they’re a pretty awesome live band and they’re also Jason Collett’s backing band. Never heard of Jason Collett? You know Broken Social Scene? Yeah well he played with them therefore despite the fact that he’s pretty much alt-country, he has indie cred so you should appreciate him. But enough about Jason this is about Zeus, so yeah Say Us is out in February and it’s one album I’m looking forward to a hell of a lot.
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