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Reggo’s Triple-Dog Dare 29/12/09

29 Dec

So since the first round didn’t really work, let’s try this again.

Post a song, any song. I’ll give it a listen and a review.

Single Review: Ash – Tracers

24 Nov

So in case you didn’t know Ash are releasing 26 singles over the next year because you know the album is dead and they were always a much better singles band than albums one. So they kicked it off with the free download “Return of the White Rabbit”, and followed it up with two disappointing singles in “True Love 1980” and “Joy Kicks The Darkness” although the latter has quite the intro. “Arcadia” the last single was where Ash went back to true form and released their best track in…a good while, so how do they follow it up then
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Reggo’s Triple-Dog Dare

22 Nov

This is a feature on my local radio station and I thought it’d be a cool idea for this as well.

Basically, the public at large (at least the ones who visit this blog) is free to triple-dog dare me to listen to a certain track. If I can find it on LimeWire (or you link me elsewhere where I can download it), I’ll do it.

Post your suggestions in the comments below.

Single Review: Muse – Undisclosed Desires

16 Nov

So we’ve got a song here with a very cryptic title and a bunch of lyrics I can’t make out, it must be the new Muse single!
Undisclosed Desires
Personally I’m a fan of Muse, not a huge fan seeing as their albums aren’t amazing (Absolution is pretty great though) but from what I’ve seen from their live performances they’re one of best bands going right now and they’re on my list of bands I must see live. So when The Resistance came out I was quite eager to hear it, however while good I found it sounded too much like…well Muse, it was Muse being Muse but that review’s for another day.
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