Wild Nothing – New Single and EP – Empty Estate!

23 Apr

My favorite band of the 2010’s is back! And with another EP to boot.  This is fantastic news, because Golden Haze was a pretty amazing little release.

The EP will be called Empty Estate and the tracklisting is as follows:

  1.  The Body in Rainfall
  2. Ocean Repeating (Big-eyed Girl)
  3. On Guyot
  4. Ride
  5. Data World
  6. A Dancing Shell
  7. Hachiko

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Does “Just One Yesterday” by Fall Out Boy contain the worst lyrics of 2013?

21 Apr

I think this is a pretty fair question.

My evidence:

Exhibit A:

I thought of angels
Choking on their halos
Get them drunk on rose water
See how dirty I can get them
Pulling out their fragile teeth
And clip their tiny wings

Exhibit B:

The Britney Spears inspired lyric: Anything you say can and will be held against you/So only say my name/It will be held against you

Except Ms. Spears had the decency to not punch us in the face with what the lyric meant.

Exhibit C:

The Big Chorus! “If heaven’s grief brings hell’s rain/Then I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday”

I…don’t understand the logic behind this one.  Someone please make this association make sense for me.

Exhibit D:

Should you sense the disconnect between the opening of murdering Angels and the lovesick notions of the remaining lyrics, the chorus gets all creepy again: “I want to teach you a lesson in the worst kind of way/Still I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday”

I love you, but sometimes I just want to beat the shit out of you.

Exhibit E:

Letting people down is my thing baby
Find yourself a new gig

This town ain’t big enough for two of us


Exhibit F:

If I spilled my guts
The world would never look at you the same way
I’m here to give you all of my love
So I can watch your face as I take it all away

Ok, so let’s get this all straight:  He let her down, but so did she, and apparently she was real horrible to him so his revenge will be to make her love him again before taking it away from her.  Fine, except for the part where it seems like you hope to do this in a horribly violent way, because let’s not forget:

I thought of angels
Choking on their halos
Get them drunk on rose water
See how dirty I can get them
Pulling out their fragile teeth
And clip their tiny wings

The Prosecution Rests

Please note: This is a brief excerpt from a larger case study delving into whether or not Save Rock And Roll is the worst album of 2013.

Record Store Day 2013 and the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival

21 Apr

I have quite a few posts I hope to make throughout the course of this coming week. Three dealing with the CIMM Festival and one nice little write-up about my Record Store Day 2013 purchases.

It’s been quite a weekend of fun in Chicago, and I can’t wait to share those experiences with you all.

CIMM Fest was a gamble that paid off. I had never heard of it before, but it was a rewarding experience, from Documentaries chronicling the History of Big Star, to fiction about the world’s most devoted Elvis impersonator. I had never attended a film festival before, but what an amazing start to what I hope is a long life of these experiences.

As for Record Store Day, unfortunately, I scheduled an event at work for the same time that the sales were to begin, but I thought it would work itself out, with midnight sales. That was when I discovered the Record Store Day pledge and the end to midnight releases. I can’t say I was angry about it, I’m so glad they’re trying to get rid of the inherent commercialism of what is meant to be rejuvenating day.  So, in the end, I attended when I was able, which was not until 12:00 PM.  Still, thanks to friends on the Internet and a little luck, we scored 3 RSD releases, and picked up two worthwhile additions to the collection as well.

So that this post isn’t a complete tease and nothing more, a run-down of everything that happened this past week:

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Review – Charli XCX – True Romance

12 Apr

I can’t believe I’m finally writing this review.

Let me back up.  Maybe I haven’t shared with you all my intense love for Charli XCX.  Maybe I’ve been too busy trying to spread the gospel of David Bowie, My Bloody Valentine and Wampire.

If that’s the case, I apologize, because it means that I spent less time sharing with the world the magic that is Charli XCX.

I suppose the reason that I have sort of hung back in making much mention of Charli XCX is that it’s just taken so long for her debut album to come out.  I’ve literally been waiting well over a year for this bad boy, after running into her music early into 2012 (may have even been late 2011).  I ran across “Nuclear Seasons” on, what I believe was, an NME list of bands to watch in 2012.  And watch I did.  I jumped on every single, followed on Twitter/Facebook/etc.  I had never gone this hard for an artist I’d only heard one song of in all my life. Continue reading

Review – David Bowie – The Next Day

2 Mar

Alright, everyone!  I’m sure you’re tired of me writing about David Bowie.  That’s fine, because the day has finally come in which I might review his newest album (I still can’t believe I can say that!).  That’s right, you too can stream David Bowie’s The Next Day on iTunes (though they’ve been having a lot of technical difficulties) by clicking here.  

The album went up last night, but I was incredibly unwell yesterday and slept most of the day, rather than listening.  I’m glad I saved this for the first moments of my Spring Break, because I know the album is going to be a constant companion over the next two weeks as I vacation from my scholarly duties. Continue reading


26 Feb

I am going to be posting a lot about Wampire this year, guys.

Meanwhile, my 7″ single of The Hearse arrived today.  It’s gorgeous.

And here it is taking a spin:

Oh and of course, super “sexy” album art:


Who’s Wampire, you ask?  Why only the “worst band in Portland”.  You should listen:


Look at those guys!  100% winners.


I’m seeing Wampire, Foxygen and Unknown Mortal Orchestra next week.   I can’t believe I’m driving 2 hours to a show where I don’t even like the headliner, but that’s life.  Wampire and Foxygen are more than worth it.


I’ll be back with more WAMPIRE! in the comping months.  Trust me.


David Bowie’s Latest: “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”

26 Feb

Hey Gang,

Back again with another quick update: The newest David Bowie single will be available on iTunes in just an hour or so.

Meanwhile, you can check out the video here: http://vevo.ly/159TCYB

Stupidly adorable and awesome. This album is so meta.

Bonus: There will be a Record Store Day 7″ single release with this track as the A-Side and “Where Are We Now” will be the B-Side. Hot stuff.

He’s doing a little better with the album covers, that’s a relief:

Still, not quite his face.

Still, not quite his face.

And here’s a sheet of lyrics for those who needed more of this rocker (seriously, the lyrics are astoundingly beautiful).

Not all the lyrics, you can see more over on Pitchfork:


David Bowie’s first album in almost 10 years will be released in just over a week (in some countries) and March 12th here in the states.  I’m getting ridiculously pumped.



Site News:  Spring Break is next week, I need to practice HTML/Coding etc., so it’s as good a time as any to get a launch ready.  I have two weeks.  We’ll see what happens!

Thoughts on Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

4 Feb

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The time where I immediately share my thoughts on the halftime show without anytime to digest them, or second-guess.

This year, it was Beyonce, and what we were promised was to be the reunion of Destiny’s Child.  For the most part that’s what we got.  Let’s look closer:

The Good:

Everything looked nice.  The pyrotechnics were amazing, the two-faced Beyonce light stage was fun to look at, the visuals gave us the view of 25 Beyonce’s at once, what more could you ask for?

For once, the sound quality was great, for the most part.  There was a wonderful backing band of rocking women, one of which had a guitar that shot out streams of sparks (I’m not sure why Prince hasn’t swallowed her up into his posse yet, really).

The Bad:

The set list didn’t blow my mind.  No “Irreplaceable”, one song I didn’t even know and then of course, there was the piped in vocals for “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy” (for Jay-Z and Sean Paul, respectively) which were NOT mic’d very well.

The Ugly:

Destiny’s Child.

When Kelly and Michelle came rising out of the stage, I was ready for what was surely going to be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

This was not it.

First was “Bootylicious”, really the best song they could have picked for their first song together in quite some time. Then, “Independent Women”, complete with cheesy Charlie’s Angels quotes and poses.

And…that was it.  After that, Destiny’s Child turned into glorified backing vocalists for “Single Ladies” and then left.

The set closed with an empty (for me) version of “Halo” and then Beyonce was gone as well.

I’m still not sure how to feel.  I’m raging with anger, first and foremost.  I was promised a medley of Destiny’s Child’s greatest hits and received two.  Not even “Say My Name”.  I don’t know what to think.  What started as a favorite halftime show turned into a most hated, so I’m left a bit numb really.

I suppose it could have been worse.  There will always be….The Black Eyed Peas…

Sort of a False Alarm – The New MBV album is out, but it’s name is “error”

3 Feb

Well, I’ve managed to get to he point of signing up to mybloodyvalentine.org before it crashed on me again.  Others haven’t even seen the website.


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My Bloody Valentine – New Album

2 Feb

New album is out

It is called M B V and you can buy it here: