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2013 – The Year in Lists – 5 Worst Album Covers

17 Dec

Hey, not bad, I only left the blog to shrivel up and die for four months this time!  I’m proud.

Well, of course, it’s that time of year again.  Time for me to share my thoughts to the world on what music was like this year.

I had thought that this was going to be another slack-off year for me, as far as number of albums I heard was concerned, but when I look back, it was actually a great year.  I fell in love with a new kind of music, my friends and I have so-dubbed it “TumblrCore” after some horrible reviews written by Pitchfork, saw more concerts than I ever have in a single year before and, most importantly, was reunited with some of our favorite acts who decided that 2013 was just too good a year not to come out of the woodwork’s once more.

To start off a year of positives, then, of course, means that the first list I’ll be sharing with you is:  The 5 Worst Album Covers of 2013!!! Continue reading

What’s Going on in 2013

28 Jan

We’ve almost reached the end of the first month of January and I haven’t updated in almost two weeks.  Have I given up on the blog again?


Here’s the deal.  I’ve been working on the website for the last week or so, and I’m realizing it’s going to be quite a bit of work to get it up and running.  As a result, it’s likely not going to happen until over Spring Break, which is not until March.  But, I am going to do it.  What I have so far looks incredibly nice and I’m quite proud. 

Meanwhile, with my current listen of Local Natives, I’m up to 12 albums for this year already, and I have only reviewed three of them, so I have some catching up to do.  The new semester and work have caught up with me a bit, so we’ll see how I end up working this out. 


Here’s the list of albums heard so far:

  1. Foals – Holy Fire (8.0/10) – On first listen, an 8, may move up or down, we’ll see.  I was just so excited to hear this album and the beginning was so good that it was one of those second half let downs that I suspect will be more of a thoroughly enjoyed experience on the next go around.  For now, I’m sticking to my guns, we’ll see.  
  2. Toro y Moi – Anything in Return (8.0/10) – Reviewed on Blog
  3. Foxygen – We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic (8/10) – Psychedelic folk at its finest, I have never been happier to hear an album.  This one is going to climb throughout the year, I feel.
  4. The Joy Formidable – Wolf’s Law (Need to relisten, asap, got interrupted too many times)
  5. Yo La Tengo – Fade – (8.5/10) – Reviewed on Blog
  6. Free Energy – Love Sign (7.5/10) – Not sure where the backlash on this one is coming from.  Great fun and quite an enjoyable listen.
  7. FIDLAR – FIDLAR (7.5/10) – Might be this year’s Cloud Nothings for me, but not nearly as “hard”
  8. Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love (6.5/10) – I gave these guys another go because they were a part of a special time in my life.  The time of “E-Music”.  It was around that time I actively sought out to expand my musical horizons so I took anything E-Music would throw at me.  That included Ra Ra Riot’s 2007 Ep.  I had no opinion of it, I can’t even remember much about it.  But, I saw they had a new album out and I’d passed on their last release, so I went for it.  I wasn’t disappointed, it was as mediocre as expected, while still sounding like a lot of music I do love (friendly fires)
  9. Low – The Invisible Way (6/10) – Reviewed on Blog
  10. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – // (6/10) – Just really didn’t do a lot for me.  There were moments where the guitar work was sublime, especially in the first few songs, but overall, it just sounded so derivative of Animal Collective and their ilk.  I do want to hear this again, but I’m not really in a hurry to do so.
  11. A$AP Rocky – LongLiveA$AP (4/10) – Moments where the album shines, especially with the beats, opening track and “Fashion Killa”, but ultimately there is nothing special here, just the same shit about hip hop I have always disliked.

 and, as I said, I’m listening to Local Natives right now. 


Finally, for fun, here is my current list of favorite songs from 2013:  I don’t know if this widget will auto-update throughout the year or not, but it will be fun to find out!