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Lollapalooza 2013 – The Year without a Death Grips?

3 Aug

So, I just got back from Jessie Ware’s Lollapalooza aftershow.  What a treat.  What an artist.  Adorably drunk, sharing stories with her fans about her brother (an aspiring doctor who is unlucky in love, though there were a few other doctors in the crowd trying to give her their digits for him), leading sing-alongs, forgetting lyrics and apologizing mid-line.  It was a wonderful performance.

On the other side of town, Death Grips fans weren’t so lucky.

^This guy is great, btw. Major poster on the Lollapalooza message board, sad for him.

^Having trouble embedding that pic, but it’s good for a laugh, so I suggest clicking on the link.

A potentially dark turn is the background they used:

You can find more unrelenting anger via a quick Twitter Search

I’m probably going to keep updating this with Tweets I enjoy, so there’s a good reason to keep coming back ;).

Can’t wait to see if they show up to Lolla tomorrow!

Concert Review – Roger Waters – United Center 9/24/10

25 Sep

Even calling this a concert review sounds wrong.  I mostly just want to share with you all in the experience I had tonight.  I’m not going to take up a lot of your time, I don’t want to ramble.  I’ve mentioned before on this blog that I love The Wall with all of my heart (well, the part of my heart that’s not busy loving eleventy billion other albums), and as I mentioned not too long ago, I was speechless when I heard Waters was going to tour it again.  Months later, a scare that I wasn’t going to be able to go, and here I am, alive to talk about it.  Continue reading