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Ashley’s Favorite Big, Dumb Pop songs of 2010

19 Dec

In what shall now become a yearly tradition, I will bring to you my favorite moments in the commercial pop scene from 2010.  Please, folks, remember, I’m only calling it big and dumb because I love.  Inclusion on the list pretty much is given to songs that get a shit-ton of radio play.  Or, in this year’s case, song’s that were written by bands that get a shit-ton of radio play.

Onwards! Continue reading

Super Short Review: Rihanna ~ Loud

17 Nov

This is going to be a short one, but I just had to get the good word out there that Rihanna has redeemed herself in my estimations.  As you may recall…I did not like Rated R…At all.

While this album may not be a return to the heavy/dark beats of Good Girl Gone Bad, at least the album has a pulse, there’s life flowing through the veins of these tracks, and it’s a really really fun listen. Continue reading