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Dear Rihanna,

30 Nov

Timbaland is your friend.





I considered that being my entire review of Rated R, but I couldn’t help myself, I need to say more.  How can you do me like this, Rihanna?  Good Girl Gone Bad (and especially with Reloaded) has some of the funnest songs with the greatest beats.  How…how can this chilled out, pretty much flat, beatless album be your follow-up?  I was scared about this thing when I heard “Russian Roulette”, but I kept my hopes alive, because, even before Timbaland and Good Girl, you wrote great music.  But there is NOTHING about you that I like here.  Nothing, Rihanna.  You have broken my heart.


Signed, once more,


P.S. – I wrote this before the album was quite finished.  The ending of “Cold Case Love” is really good, you should keep doing things like that.

(And, for those at home, this is sort of an album review, 2/5)