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Best Albums of 2009: 20-11

27 Dec

Well way hey hey, here we are.  The top 20.  Hope you don’t mind that I nipped out for Christmas and Christmas Eve.  I’m sure you 5 readers can understand.

So, anyways.  This top 20.  Wow.  What a great bunch of albums, I mean, I realize I’ve only been listening to a lot of *new* music since the end of 2007, but, this is some seriously good stuff here.  I’ve worked hard all year to be sure that this top 20 is as strong, for me, as possible, and I’m pleased with the results.  On and Wards. Continue reading

Concert Review: The Antlers, The Academy, Dublin 4-12-2009

13 Dec

So this review is a little late up but I’ve had exams as of late and haven’t had anytime to make any posts but now that they’re mostly over I get to go back to music and such
Continue reading