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Invasion Day: Selections of Whitefella Music

26 Jan

Here in Australia, 26 January is Invasion Day – or in official parlance, “Australia Day”. It marks the day in 1788 when when the First Fleet landed at Sydney Cove, illegally proclaimed British sovereignty over Aboriginal land, and proceeded to settle the continent under the lie of terra nullius. I would have liked to make an entry today that acknowledges and showcases how vibrant Aboriginal music is, but like many others who live in Australia, I am woefully ignorant in that regard. Sure, I know who Yothu Yindi are and I can name a couple of other Aboriginal musicians, but that won’t make for a terribly good entry. I’ll do something about this before the next Invasion Day.

Instead, I’d like to showcase some of the best music this country can offer that has been made by whitefellas such as myself. This country is a special place for us too, and some of Australian music culture is very rewarding, reflecting the sweeping diversity and intensity of the continent. This entry naturally cannot be truly comprehensive, and some legends of the local music scene are missing in the name of brevity – e.g. The Go-Betweens, Paul Kelly, Hunters & Collectors, and Nick Cave. I would also like to show people that Australian music is more than boorish pub rock and hard rock like Cold Chisel and AC/DC, or throwaway trash like Kylie Minogue and Savage Garden. So without any further ado …

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Catching up on Concert Reviews II: Mono and Laura live in Melbourne, 4 December 2009

11 Jan

2007 was a terrible year for me and concerts. At the start of the year, I had just moved to Melbourne and was bleeding money, so live music was out of the question – consequently, I missed the last gig ever by Arcturus. Later in the year, I had nobody to accompany me to a couple of concerts and in a bout of shyness convinced myself they really didn’t matter that much when they did. Luckily, some of the bands I missed due to poverty and irrational shyness have decided to return to Australian shores. Isis are coming in February this year, and Mono returned in December 2009. Now all I need is for Pelican to come back.

Mono are Japan’s finest post-rock export. I actually don’t listen to them with any tremendous frequency; I need to be in the right mood for their pretty, wandering compositions. However, I think they’re very good at what they do, and when I heard they were returning, I was all for rectifying one of my 2007 mistakes, especially as Mono have quite the live reputation. Then I discovered that support would come from none other than Laura, Melbourne’s finest post-rock band. I would call them Australia’s finest post-rock band, but Sydney’s Sleepmakeswaves are just as worthy of that distinction. So as it happened, as much as I wanted to see Mono, I was going even more for Laura.

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