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The Weekly Roundup

24 Nov

First full week of the blog existence and it was an exiting one, we quickly went from two members to a hell of a lot more than two, so to try and summarise it all for you here goes
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Final Fantasy XIII Theme Song – My Hands

16 Nov

So I’m not going to lie here, I’m a pretty big gamer. I’ve been into them for years and one of my favourite series of all time has been Final Fantasy. But this is not a gaming blog so why am I talking about this? Well simple, music has always been a key part of the Final Fantasy series, back in what many would regard as the glory days of the series, the game would feature an amazing soundtrack composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Final Fantasy VIII is my personal favourite, I actually own the soundtrack to it on CD, I’ll probably get around to reviewing it for here eventually but that’s not what this is about.

A couple of days ago, RPG addicts the world over rejoiced when it was announced that Final Fantasy XIII  is coming out in Europe and North America on the 9th of March. However they were also in for a shock when the theme song for the game was also announced; that song turned out to be My Hands by Leona Lewis and naturally seeing as it wasn’t sung by some random J-Pop singer that none of the people who play the game have ever heard of, a lot of people started to get a little angry…actually scratch that a lot of people went completely over the top and claimed they wouldn’t buy the game now; because apparently a four minute song ruins a 50 hour long game.
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