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Ashley’s Favorite Big, Dumb Pop Songs of 2009

4 Jan

I was going to do a list of my favorite songs of 2009, but who needs that when there was so much FANTASTIC pop music this year that I haven’t said a word about?  Ok, so pretty much I’m completely embarrassed by this list, but I would be in denial if I didn’t make it.  You see, this year wasn’t just a year where I really immersed myself into new music, but it was also the year where I came back around to loving pop music.  It was a good time to do so, because, honestly, the genre has changed a lot, or maybe I just have a more ironic sense of humor nowadays.  Either way, for three months this year I worked at a restaurant that forced me to listen to pop music for five hours straight each day I worked, and this particular station replayed the same songs again and again and again and again.  Where I should have grown to hate the music, it actually ended up accompanying me through many of the events that transpired the rest of the year.   So here’s a top 15 that would, if not for slave labor in an ice cream shop, never have been!

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