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Weekly Round Up 2

2 Dec

So we had a much slower week this week compared to last but none the less here’s the round up

Ashley’s reivew of Big Country’s The Crossing
Ax reviews Mabool by Orphaned Land
Ax reviews Opeth’s Melbourne concert
John’s review of Tracers by Ash

Travis laments the downfall of Weezer
Ashley on why Tom Petty matters

Ashley on why Rihanna needs Timbaland

Exploring the Top 100 One Hit Wonders – Big Country – The Crossing

24 Nov

Before I go into this review, I need to clarify two things: 1) Obviously this is only a one hit wonder in America and 2) This is not my first listen to this album, in fact, The Crossing is my 22nd favorite album of all time.  Ok, are we good? Ready to continue?  Onwards! Continue reading