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Weekly Round Up 2

2 Dec

So we had a much slower week this week compared to last but none the less here’s the round up

Ashley’s reivew of Big Country’s The Crossing
Ax reviews Mabool by Orphaned Land
Ax reviews Opeth’s Melbourne concert
John’s review of Tracers by Ash

Travis laments the downfall of Weezer
Ashley on why Tom Petty matters

Ashley on why Rihanna needs Timbaland

Collapsing in the 00s…it’s not just for the Irish anymore

24 Nov

On LA power-pop band Weezer‘s eponymous debut album (henceforth referred to as The Blue Album, due to its sky blue cover, akin to a shoddily-painted wall in a bedroom basement one would make for a son-in-law they resent), they had a song entitled “In The Garage.” This track detailed their musical influences and hobbies during their adolesence. Despite some occasionally cringeworthy lines, the song was an inspired romp through nerd cliches that gave insight into the mind of singer Rivers Cuomo, and would represent every flaw and positive attribute the Weezer of the 90s boasted. It was also one of the weakest songs on an otherwise classic album that would go on to influence countless bands, ranging from Bowling For Soup to The Format.
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