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Thoughts on ranking music

8 Jan

During October and November, a trickle of publications began releasing their Best Of 2009 and Best Of The 2000s album lists. Every indie hipster and every person who likes to bash indie hipsters closely followed Pitchfork’s chart, to know (in the case of the former) what to revere to great exaggerated heights or to know (in the case of the latter) what to deride without even listening. Every other chart was dug up pretty much simply to mock. By December, the trickle had turned into a flood. By late December, every man, his dog, and even a couple of contributors to An Ocean Of Noise had jumped the gun and were proclaiming the best albums as if 2009 were being terribly impolite by not bringing itself to a close already.

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(Ashley’s) Best Albums of 2009: 10-6

28 Dec

So, company has arrived (eeeeeee), and I had to skip one more day on this.  That’s ok, as Cassie seems to have taken up the mantle of lizstofyin’.  Today, I will continue to attempt to NOT mention some of my favorite tracks of the year, but, I obviously enjoy many songs on these albums, or they wouldn’t be in my top ten, so I can assure these will still be justly done reviews.  WDANORS!

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Best Albums of 2009: 20-11

27 Dec

Well way hey hey, here we are.  The top 20.  Hope you don’t mind that I nipped out for Christmas and Christmas Eve.  I’m sure you 5 readers can understand.

So, anyways.  This top 20.  Wow.  What a great bunch of albums, I mean, I realize I’ve only been listening to a lot of *new* music since the end of 2007, but, this is some seriously good stuff here.  I’ve worked hard all year to be sure that this top 20 is as strong, for me, as possible, and I’m pleased with the results.  On and Wards. Continue reading

Best Albums of 2009: 40-31

23 Dec

Well, even though I’m still unwell, I opted for some Taco Bell tonight.  What a mistake.  They’ve discontinued all of my favorite foods, and the chicken on this taco is hard as a rock.  Despair.  Anyways, we’re not here to talk about my dinner, we’re here to talk about music, so let’s do that, shall we?  Some notes about this list from here on out, I could easily have placed 40-21 in alphabetical order and felt justified in doing so, I love all of these albums pretty equally. Onwards! Continue reading

Best Albums of 2009: 50-41

22 Dec

Still feeling a little sick, so these will still be a little short, sorry about that.  Each progressive issue of this, btw, is making me more excited, we’re really into albums I love now.  So…ONWARDS!

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Best Albums of 2009: 70-61

20 Dec

Another day, another ten albums.  Today, however, is special, as it marks the point at which we begin to delve into albums that I truly enjoyed overall.  Not that there weren’t aspects of the previous 20 I didn’t enjoy, but, I think you get the picture.  And now I’m rambling, ONWARDS! Continue reading

Best Albums of 2009: 90-81

18 Dec

I’ve been working on this damn list all year, I’m going to document it in full somewhere.  While there are still about ten more albums I’m going to listen to before the close of the year, I’ll wrap them up before the end of the year at some point.  Regardless, Onwards!

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