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Ashley’s Favorite Big, Dumb Pop songs of 2010

19 Dec

In what shall now become a yearly tradition, I will bring to you my favorite moments in the commercial pop scene from 2010.  Please, folks, remember, I’m only calling it big and dumb because I love.  Inclusion on the list pretty much is given to songs that get a shit-ton of radio play.  Or, in this year’s case, song’s that were written by bands that get a shit-ton of radio play.

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Album Review – Black Eyed Peas ~ The Beginning

23 Nov

By track four, I was prepared to write this album off in three sentences about how the Black Eyed Peas were far past their prime, if ever they even had one, and that they should really hang it up.  Then “Someday” came on and suddenly I was transported to a BEP Dance Party/Rave I hadn’t intended on attending and lo, the groove ensued.

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Ashley’s Favorite Big, Dumb Pop Songs of 2009

4 Jan

I was going to do a list of my favorite songs of 2009, but who needs that when there was so much FANTASTIC pop music this year that I haven’t said a word about?  Ok, so pretty much I’m completely embarrassed by this list, but I would be in denial if I didn’t make it.  You see, this year wasn’t just a year where I really immersed myself into new music, but it was also the year where I came back around to loving pop music.  It was a good time to do so, because, honestly, the genre has changed a lot, or maybe I just have a more ironic sense of humor nowadays.  Either way, for three months this year I worked at a restaurant that forced me to listen to pop music for five hours straight each day I worked, and this particular station replayed the same songs again and again and again and again.  Where I should have grown to hate the music, it actually ended up accompanying me through many of the events that transpired the rest of the year.   So here’s a top 15 that would, if not for slave labor in an ice cream shop, never have been!

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Best Albums of 2009: 80-71

19 Dec

It’s begun to occur to me that the name of this blog post and those following and preceding it, is a tad misleading.  I don’t think all of these albums are particularly good, but since I already started with the name, I’m just gonna stick with it.  Anyways, carry on, shall we?  Also, the numbering on my list is already off, since I’ve added a few more albums, but I’m going to go ahead and skip those newly added albums for now and sum them all up in a post at the very end of the year, so, Onwards. Continue reading