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Album Review: The Charlatans – Who We Touch

17 Sep

I’ve never been a huge fan of The Charlatans…now don’t confuse that with me hating them, they are far from a bad band and I know they have their fans so if this review does not agree with your tastes, then feel free to comment, this is just how I feel, I don’t claim to be an expert on this band but I am a person who likes music and The Charlatans well they make music so here’s the review.

Who We Touch is the band’s first album since 2008’s You Cross My Path which was released on the internet as a free download before getting a retail release a few months later. While not a bad album You Cross My Path failed to do much to set itself apart from the crowd. A couple of great singles with memorable melodies made the album worth hearing a couple of times but nothing more really, at best it gave you a couple of songs to add to your shuffle, anyway that’s the past Who We Touch is the present and the question is, is it better?
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A 21st-century breakdown of 21st Century Breakdown

14 Dec

I’m revisiting Green Day’s newest concept album (It’s not a rock opera. Tommy is a rock opera. The Wall is a rock opera. This is a concept album.) about the characters Christian and Gloria, who may or may not be extensions of Jesus of Suburbia and Whatsername from American Idiot. I’m not sure why. It probably won’t be a track-by-track review of it. I’m just sort of putting down thoughts here.

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Weekly Round Up 2

2 Dec

So we had a much slower week this week compared to last but none the less here’s the round up

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John’s review of Tracers by Ash

Travis laments the downfall of Weezer
Ashley on why Tom Petty matters

Ashley on why Rihanna needs Timbaland

Album Review: Manic Street Preachers – Gold Against The Soul

21 Nov

So I’m not sure how familiar any of you are with the Manics, in case you have no idea who they are let me give you a quick refresher course. The Manics started out as a four piece Welsh band, the most interesting thing about them was their original lead songwriter Richey Edwards.
Richey wrote a bunch of politically charged and/or depressing lyrics that all sounded pretty great when they came out of James’ mouth (the singer). With their third album they arguably reached their peak; then Richey went missing, was presumed dead, and the quality of the band’s music went downhill. Not that it became bad ,nothing compared to their The Holy Bible peak. Alas this is not a review of The Holy Bible this is a review of the band’s second album and apparently their least favourite, Gold Against The Soul.

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