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Another new post? ZOMG!

28 Nov

Yeah, what the hell. Why not?

In the interest of list-making and redeeming myself after the utter failure of barely listening to any new music in 2010 (especially not at all getting through the ambitious list I posted for myself of stuff I was going to listen to), here are the albums I’ve done in the past 3 months of 2011, in no particular order

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Five Worst Albums of the 2000s. Number Five

8 Feb

So here I am sitting in possibly the most boring class ever in the history of any college course, I mean “Chartists are people who spend their lives studying charts”, no shit Sherlock. Anyway I thought to myself, what could possibly be worse than this class and you know what five albums came to mind, all from the last decade so guess what it’s time for my five worst albums of the 2000s!

Now part of me wants to give the number one and two on this list to the one and only Lady Gaga, because anyone who knows me knows I despise her to no end; I still maintain that I am the last sane person on this planet but alas even I must concede there is in fact far worse music than her…well that sent a shiver down my spine; so without further insulting of Miss Gaga or Gag as Ashley calls her, let’s get the list started, with my number five LOL! Continue reading

The Fame Crossroads

6 Feb

Hey, Traviud here. Since I began writing for this site, I’ve given off something of an image of being a hipster schmuck. While that’s wholly accurate, it’s also misleading, as I do have a sizable appreciation for shimmering melodies and considerable hooks, and my interest in pop radio has increased as of late, due in part to bono_212’s own love for it, and partially due to a recent shift in sound from dunderheaded braggadocio rap to shiny synth pop. While I don’t often dedicate a lot of thought to music I hear on the radio (surely how it’s meant to be), occasionally an artist will burst onto the scene that garners such interest.

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Just Dance – Some Random Thoughts

29 Jan

This blog post is going to be short and sweet.  I haven’t had a computer for the last week +, but I’m back now.  I promise to start-up on the 2010 album reviews, as well as to get back on track with the Top 100 One Hit Wonders listening (next up is Men Without Hats).   Until then, just some random thoughts floating through my head about the Lady Gaga track “Just Dance”. Continue reading

Ashley’s Favorite Big, Dumb Pop Songs of 2009

4 Jan

I was going to do a list of my favorite songs of 2009, but who needs that when there was so much FANTASTIC pop music this year that I haven’t said a word about?  Ok, so pretty much I’m completely embarrassed by this list, but I would be in denial if I didn’t make it.  You see, this year wasn’t just a year where I really immersed myself into new music, but it was also the year where I came back around to loving pop music.  It was a good time to do so, because, honestly, the genre has changed a lot, or maybe I just have a more ironic sense of humor nowadays.  Either way, for three months this year I worked at a restaurant that forced me to listen to pop music for five hours straight each day I worked, and this particular station replayed the same songs again and again and again and again.  Where I should have grown to hate the music, it actually ended up accompanying me through many of the events that transpired the rest of the year.   So here’s a top 15 that would, if not for slave labor in an ice cream shop, never have been!

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Best of 2009: An apology and 60-51

21 Dec

I’m feeling kind of crap and tired from working 10.5 hours today, so I’ll be a bit brief today.  I’m also just not quite feeling the urge to write anything about 60-51, so I’m just going to post them, and I don’t have much at all to say about them, hope that can be forgiven. Continue reading